Stay in the Lead with Call Tracking and Analytics

Stay in the Lead with Call Tracking and Analytics

Racing across nearly 1000 miles of intense Alaskan terrain, the Iditarod Race is case study in dedication, toughness, and skill. Called “The Last Great Race on Earth,” the Iditarod has run every year since 1973. The Iditarod was inspired by the daring “Great Race of Mercy” in 1925, when 20 drivers and 150 dogs traversed 674 miles in brutal Arctic conditions (it was -85 °F at one point!) to get vital medicine to the diphtheria-infected children of Nome, Alaska.

The Iditarod continues to this day, keeping the memory of the heroic actions of those in 1925 alive and giving a new generation of dogs and sled drivers the opportunity to showcase their talents at staying at the front of the pack. Marketers can likely relate to the fierce competition the drivers face in the race—when you’re trying to get your message heard it can feel like you’re racing across a frozen tundra with no sense of your success.

Sled drivers use their wits and the instincts of their dogs to stay on course. For marketers, one invaluable tool for staying on track and out front is the use of a call analytics platform. Marketers and businesses can use a call analytics platform to get clarity on their campaigns. Like an Alaskan huskie sniffing their way through a blizzard, marketers can use call analytics to get essential insights that help them stay in the lead.

More Data

Embarking on your campaign can feel like stumbling through the wilderness, but effective data collection can help you find your way. A call analytics platform proves invaluable in this regard. You’ll get instant information on inbound calls with the caller’s name, location, and the purpose of the call. This data gives companies the ability to segment and organize their leads.

Also, by utilizing call tracking, you’ll be able to easily attribute your incoming calls to the correct marketing campaign. By knowing which campaigns are causing more people to call, you can make informed decisions regarding where you should focus your attention and resources—improving your ROI.

Better Analysis

The collection of data is necessary for any business that seeks to turn a profit, but to truly become an industry leader requires comprehensive analysis of that data. A call analytics platform becomes a powerful asset in this way: giving businesses high-quality, easy-to-read reports on what all that data means. Reports can generate automatically, removing the need for time-consuming manual inputting and analyzing. Utilizing an intuitive reporting program that gives updates in real-time, the right call analytics platform can keep any business at the front of the pack.

The Road Ahead

Dog sled racers and marketers certainly both have to face the challenge of an unpredictable road ahead. Marketers can grab a distinct technological advantage over their competition by utilizing predictive modeling—a feature unique to Phonexa’s call analytics platform. Predictive modeling provides you with user-friendly visual representations of your past campaigns and makes informed predictions based on existing data. This feature gives businesses an edge by equipping them with insights that the competition might not have.

You can utilize predictive modeling to determine future investments and growth. The right call analytics platform may also offer free third party integrations—a must-have for any business that depends on existing platforms or wants to be adaptable for future opportunities. While the Iditarod has its finish line in Nome, your business will likely have plenty of goals but no end point. It’s important to have a game-changing resource like call analytics to help you stay in the lead for the long haul.

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Mark Kosin was a Content Writer at Phonexa, covering topics such as SaaS technology, call tracking, lead generation, and digital marketing.

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