The First Steps for Using Call Tracking with Phonexa

Mark Kosin
6 minute read
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Mark Kosin
6 minute read

For businesses who handle a high volume of inbound calls, call tracking is an integral part of their MarTech stack. Whether you have a business that is fielding calls directly from customers, or you work in lead generation and you’re looking to connect call leads to the company that can best help them, it is incredibly valuable to know what’s driving your calls.

However, there are still plenty of businesses that have not yet implemented a call tracking solution or aren’t happy with their current call tracking software provider.

Here at Phonexa, we want to provide businesses with a concise overview of why many have selected Phonexa as their call tracking platform and the first steps you can take to get better attribution for all your inbound calls.

Why do businesses use Phonexa for call tracking?

It is critical for companies to know which of their marketing efforts are driving their calls. This information shines a light on which strategies and channels deserve more attention and resources, helping marketing departments know what kind of return they are getting on their investment.

Using call tracking with Phonexa can give your business vital marketing insights—while also delivering granular reporting that helps you gain a better understanding of your inbound call traffic. Features like Call Recording and Call Analytics unlock treasure troves of data that empower you to have a major impact on your ROI by making only minor adjustments.

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Additionally, Phonexa stands out amongst others in the call tracking space by being the only provider that can give your business multi-channel marketing visibility as part of an all-in-one solution. Phonexa users are able to monitor their calls as well as web form leads, website clicks, and email marketing efforts. By getting a complete view of all your marketing channels, you can make data-driven decisions that impact your entire marketing strategy—not just one aspect of it.

Businesses can take Phonexa’s capabilities a step further by using Phonexa to distribute web and call leads—putting you in control of your customers or leads that you’ve generated.

So what does it take to start using Phonexa for call tracking? Below are four steps that every business can take to get started.

Step 1: Determine Your Audience

Whatever product or service you are going to be marketing, it’s wise to begin by identifying what your target audience will be. Figuring out key demographic information about your ideal lead profile is a smart starting point: knowing details like age, income, and geographic location will all be necessary as you formulate a campaign strategy.

Once you begin using call tracking from Phonexa, you can get real data related to your target audience and see precisely with whom your marketing messages are resonating. As a marketer, you should always be refining who you’re targeting. The less resources you spend marketing to groups that aren’t as interested in your product, the more you will see your revenue grow.

Step 2: Develop Your Campaign

Once you know who you are trying to target in your campaign, you can construct your marketing strategy. Select your marketing channels based off where you are most likely to connect with your target audience.

If you are looking to drive calls, your marketing plan should almost certainly include reaching prospects on their mobile phones. Whether it is via mobile search or social media, connecting with your prospects on their phones can help drive calls thanks to the simplicity of “click-to-call” ads. Preparing some ads so that your leads can quickly go from seeing your ad to calling your number is the smartest and easiest way to guarantee good quality call leads.

Step 3: Get Your Tracking Number

After you’ve settled on your marketing channels, you can work with Phonexa to get your call tracking number or numbers. How many tracking numbers you’ll want to get depends on how many marketing efforts you want to collect tracking information on.

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If you are only running one campaign using Google Adwords, you may not need more than one number. But if your campaign is utilizing multiple channels and is spread out across search, social, and other non-digital channels, then you will almost certainly want to select multiple tracking numbers to help you identify which channels are producing the most calls.

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You may also want to select a vanity number that suits your business. Phonexa can help you find a vanity number that becomes a marketing asset unto itself. A catchy and memorable vanity number can help your business stake out a spot in the minds of consumers.

Step 4: Take Your Campaign Live

Once you have connected with the Phonexa team to get your tracking numbers and get set up with our software solution, you will be ready to take your campaign live. Plan ahead and make sure you test your numbers to ensure that you are tracking all of the channels you want to.

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As soon as your campaign is up and running, you’ll be able to use Phonexa’s platform to track your campaign performance in real-time. As soon as you’ve accumulated enough relevant data, you’ll be able to create reports and see how your marketing strategies are working across multiple channels. Make adjustments on the fly to take advantage of trends you see developing.

Using Phonexa’s call tracking solution, you can then continually refine your campaigns so that you end up with an ideal ROI that will allow you to see significant profits and scale up your business.

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