Top Ten Benefits of Call Tracking

Mark Kosin
4 minute read
Mark Kosin
4 minute read

Why are so many businesses interested in the benefits of call tracking? It begins with our living in the smartphone era.

It doesn’t need to be said that smartphones are ubiquitous—just look around on your morning train ride or waiting in line at the store and you’ll see a majority with smartphones in hand. There will reportedly be some 2.71 billion smartphones in use around the world by next year.

For businesses, that means going from internet clicks to calls at a potentially explosive rate. A study from Magna reported that 2017 saw a majority of digital ad sales come from mobile impressions. This smartphone deluge has led to the development of sophisticated call tracking software platforms that help harness the exponential increase in incoming calls. Here are the top ten benefits of using some of these platforms.

10. Comparison of Advertising Channels

There is no shortage of advertising channels in 2018. From social media to paid search to classic formats like television, print, and radio, it seems like there have never been more ways to reach consumers. It can be challenging to determine which channels will work best for your business.

One benefit of call tracking software is that it delivers exactly that type of insight. With the offering of toll-free and vanity numbers, businesses get more details on exactly which advertising channels are connecting with people.

9. Tracking Calls Back to Keyword Searches

Searches have gone mobile as well, with Google sharing that mobile searches have been eclipsing desktop searches since 2015. Call tracking can let you know which keywords led to customers finding your number and calling you. Keyword search data allows you to develop a smarter SEO strategy that will bring in more customers off searches they’re already performing.

8. Caller Metadata Gathering

More information that comes as a benefit of call tracking is the gathering of caller metadata. As soon as a call comes in, you can gain access to a wealth of data about each caller and their interaction with your representatives. These Call Analytics let you know useful demographic information about each caller and insight into how their call went, giving you a clearer picture of your target customers.

7. Faster Decision Making

Market-leading call tracking software can provide businesses with Real-Time Reporting. With the information that comes from Real-Time Reporting, businesses can make decisions based on what they see happening that minute, not last week. As a result, more support goes into successful campaigns and resources can be scaled back from those that don’t catch.

6. Superior Handling of Incoming Calls

During a campaign call volume can be an unpredictable x-factor. You may have plenty of staff on hand but only get a few calls, then get flooded when only a few representatives are available. A major benefit of call tracking software platforms is the use of Interactive Voice Response and an Automatic Call Distributor to queue incoming calls and gather caller information while representatives are still on the line. This allows for improved customer experience and increases the chance of converting incoming leads.

5. Improved Customer Service

In the same spirit of focusing on customer service, the benefit of Call Recording from call tracking platforms is that businesses have a chance to listen in on interactions between representative and caller. These recordings can be used to correct mistakes, train new employees, or maintain compliance.

4. Potent A/B Testing Abilities

A/B Testing is a valuable asset to any marketer, but with call tracking businesses can get more data from A/B Testing than ever before. By utilizing custom numbers and call analytics, businesses can get data relating to customer engagement with emails, paid search, print media, and more.

3. Campaign Optimization

One of the great benefits of call tracking software is that it gives businesses a close look at their call conversion. By putting these critical interactions under a microscope thanks to Call Recording, Call Analytics, and Real-Time Reporting, businesses put themselves in the best possible position to optimize their campaigns and get more conversions.

2. Seamless Integration

Companies sometimes shy away from implementing new technology with fears that it won’t mesh with their current database or that it may not adapt to future third-party integration. But market-leading call tracking software platforms offer valuable Third Party Integration with minimum disruption to current practices.

The use of an all-in-one platform can prove especially valuable to companies looking to stay ahead of the competition. Software that can handle calls, emails, digital marketing, and accounting functions represents a major advancement in the market that makes companies more efficient and adaptable.

1. Better ROI

The number one benefit of call tracking all comes down to the bottom line. With call tracking, a business gains access to volumes of critical data that will ultimately help them work smarter. With the real-time insights, resources can be immediately shifted from one channel to another, ensuring that every penny is utilized to its maximum potential.

Additional observations into customer service and caller metadata allow businesses to adapt quicker and outperform rivals. In a competitive marketplace, every little edge can make a big difference. With call tracking, the benefits pile up quickly, allowing companies that utilize it find success faster than ever before.

For a more in-depth look at the benefits of call tracking software, schedule a consultation with the experts at Phonexa today.

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