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It makes sense to change your advertisement campaigns once in a while because you need to switch things up to test for the highest-yielding strategies. Unfortunately, not all changes are equally effective. As the saying goes, the movement is not necessarily progressing. Unless your campaign changes are data-driven, it’s difficult to gauge whether or not the changes you’re making are actually productive.

Luckily, there is a comprehensive solution to that problem, and it goes by the name of call tracking. Advanced call tracking software, much like the software developed by Phonexa, makes the campaign adjustment process a whole lot more efficient for marketers because it accurately attributes ROI to the appropriate marketing campaigns. Phonexa’s call tracking software is truly amazing, and we’ll tell you exactly why in this article.

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What Makes Phonexa’s Call Tracking Different?

What separates Phonexa’s call tracking software from others in its field is its speed, price model, accuracy, and its sheer amount of functions. Unlike the average call tracking software, Phonexa’s call tracking gives you all of the following automation and more:

Advertisement ROI Attribution

Phonexa’s call tracking software can track your calls and connect them with the exact advertisement platforms that spurred those calls. It doesn’t matter whether your advertisements are online via paid search, email, business website, or sidebar banners, or offline via billboards, bus stop advertisements, and more. As long as your campaigns are optimized by Phonexa, our call tracking solution will pinpoint the exact advertisement for your marketing evaluation process. This meticulous ROI attribution is extremely helpful (and necessary) for marketing optimizations. If you’re looking to improve your marketing performance and scale your budget, you would need to know which ads are working and which are not. The ads that are driving in the most calls are the ones you need to invest in the most, and Phonexa’s call tracking will tell you exactly which ads are pulling in the most calls.

Customer Targeting

Customer targeting is the act of discovering who your customers are, what they are interested in, and where they reside (whether geographically or online) to pitch your product or service to them. You have to know your customers well to pursue them effectively. This is why call tracking is perfect for customer targeting – call tracking gathers all of your caller information and organizes it into clear categories for you to analyze. Phonexa’s call tracking software is also integrated with our other features to provide customer-targeted automation, such as demographic-based call routing and IVR multi-language options, to boost your customer service like never before. With the detailed customer information you will receive from the call tracking software, you will also be able to tailor your marketing strategies to the customer base that you want to reach. We will elaborate on this below.

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Demographics Tracking

Detailed customer demographics are now easier to gather than ever with Phonexa’s call tracking software working tirelessly on your behalf. You will receive all the important caller information, such as his/her first and last name, phone number, and location, as well as his/her purchase history, age group, and sex. If you need further info, you can easily program the appropriate survey questions into the IVR questionnaire. As we mentioned before, gathering customer demographics is crucial to both customer service enhancement and marketing advertisement optimizations.

Real-Time Reporting

Phonexa’s call tracking software also features real-time reporting, which pulls current and historical reports on your callers in real-time and enables your representatives to treat each customer according to their stage in the sales process. These real-time reports can be viewed anytime through the Phonexa platform on any internet-connecting device for your convenience. You can also create custom report comparisons and then export the files in different formats. Real-time reporting sends you visitor data up to the minute, allowing you to make data-driven changes on the fly.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Phonexa’s call tracking software can benefit your company, schedule a live demo with us. We’ll give you an exclusive inside look at the platform, so you can test the features yourself. Once you get a glimpse at what our advanced call tracking software can do, you’ll never settle again.

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