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Being on trend is not always the point of marketing, but at the rate in which technology is evolving, you can’t afford to miss out on learning about the latest and greatest tools in this field.

We’ve got you covered on what it takes to create the most effective campaigns, completed with call and web leads tracking, right here at Phonexa. Take a look at our findings below!

Social Referrals

Social referrals are still relatively new, considering how recently social media had blown up on a global scale. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter are all major players in the social sphere. Anyone who has a measure of influence on any of these channels is fair game to marketers.

Social referrals can be easily tracked through the exportable data that each platform provides. This is precisely why so many businesses invest in the “boost post” option on Facebook. When a post is super targeted, the return on investment can be quite remarkable. Yet, there’s an equally effective way to market your business without spending nearly half as much: social referrals. This includes pitching to various influencers who fall within your niche, or who reaches the same target audience as you do. A brand influencer who has a highly engaged following can potentially propel your business forward overnight.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are no longer fantastical ideas in sci-fi literature. The truth of the matter is that our interests, schedules, and lives are closely monitored and aided by the most common AI technology today. When you think of AI, flashes of Smart House (1999) or The Veldt by Ray Bradbury might come to mind, but that’s neither too close nor too far away from where we are in current strides.

We still might not be at the point of creating artificial sentient beings (although Google’s DeepMind AI lab is certainly pursuing that reality), but smart technology now provides the standard quality of life for most Americans. Think of all the times you interact with AI throughout your day. If you have a Google Home or Amazon Echo, your life is even more shaped by your AI interactions. From turning on the TV to ordering food, to even calling up different modes of transportation, your in-home AI system can do the busy work for you while you focus on other priorities.

There’s no doubt that AI has infiltrated our current way of life, but are you aware of how much it actually influences your business as well? Artificial intelligence can manage and track your leads, automate your accounting, and even interact with your customers with greater accuracy than human agents. It’s fair to estimate that the majority of companies and networks have already implemented their own AI technology in their customer service and/or marketing departments already, as one phone call to a common corporation will take you directly to a voice response system. AI is powerful and it is growing at an exponential rate. Take advantage of AI to automate the easy processes of your customer journey so your agents can focus on handling complex cases. If something can be automated with relative ease, automate it using AI as your personal assistant.

If you’re ready to optimize your outreach campaigns and customer service experience, you need to invest in the right marketing tools. Luckily, Phonexa was built to fulfill this exact purpose. We have a plethora of cutting-edge, cloud-based features, designed to help you improve your marketing efforts from all angles. To get a closer glimpse into the platform, schedule a consultation today. We’ll walk you through each state-of-the-art feature and work with you to see how we can take your business to where you want it to be. Each industry is different, and each business within those industries have their own distinct voice and brand image. Phonexa’s incredible scalability fits with all business models, sizes and industries to truly grow with your company.

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