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The Importance of Call Tracking and Call Analytics

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4 minute read

Have you ever made a call to a business and were immediately routed to the specific location you needed to reach? What about being offered the option to speak in your mother language without even asking? If any of these experiences sound familiar to you, then you’ve been serviced by a decent call tracking software. Call tracking has been integrated into our everyday lives for a few decades now, slowly inching its way into even the most mundane of conversations. The truth of the matter is that customers are used to this kind of convenience, and if you haven’t invested in an advanced call tracking software for your business, you’re falling behind.

But this article is meant to encourage you because the road to better customer care and exceptional brand image is a smooth one – at least with Phonexa on your side. It’s never too late to acquire call tracking, and playing catch-up is easy. This is cloud-based software can be integrated with your existing APIs for the ultimate ease in transitioning platforms. If you’re on the fences about acquiring Phonexa’s call tracking software, perhaps this list of key benefits will push you to make the switch.

Call Tracking Transforms Your Customer Journey

The customer journey is a popular topic to discuss, but how many businesses actually know the full extent of its importance? In a word, the customer journey is the entire process of acquiring and closing a deal with your lead, and it extends even further than that through various customer retention strategies. The customer journey is an incredibly lengthy process that needs to be viewed as a connected whole, not just in its individual processes. Call tracking allows you to have the full view of the customer journey so you can make the appropriate changes to your campaigns for better customer experience and higher ROI.

How so? It all starts with call details. If you know exactly who your callers are and how your calls are playing out, it will give you a tremendous advantage over your competitors in the market.

These are some of the call analytics you’ll receive with Phonexa’s call tracking software:

1. Reports on call tracking cap-outs

2. Performance examination

3. Sources by campaigns

4. Active products and offerings

5. Filter analyzer

6. Reject reasons

7. Comparison reports

8. Which ad prompted the call

9. Which keywords are the most effective

10. Which landing pages are generating the most calls

11. Which campaigns receive the most calls

We say “some” of the call analytics because, believe it or not, this isn’t all there is. You can virtually acquire any piece of information you want through our customizable questionnaire, so the decision is yours!

Call Analytics Gives You Data-Driven Answers

With the detailed call and marketing analytics, you will receive with call tracking, your campaign and performance optimizations will be completely data-driven. This means that you no longer have to rely on manual ROI attribution or, worse yet, guessing games, to make the effective changes you need to make. The reason why so many businesses are investing their resources in cloud-based marketing-technology platforms is that they recognize the convenience, efficiency, and advantages that sprout from their investment. In today’s world, it just makes the most sense for businesses to opt for a call tracking software like Phonexa’s. Why settle for anything less when the technology and affordability lends itself to your business.

Phonexa’s call tracking is right for all types of businesses in all industries, so let us show you how our software can be tailored for your company specifically. Click here to schedule a consultation today!

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