The Risks of Not Having a Call Tracking Software

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There are risks involved in every decision we make; even decisions that we don’t make. Those who simply choose to not choose are indeed still making a choice. That’s why it’s necessary to take a stance when it comes to having advanced call analytics and call tracking software. You either have it or you don’t, and with the current state in which marketing technology is evolving, there are definitely risks involved in not pursuing the best call tracking software in the business. To further convince you of the importance of this software, we’ll clearly outline the risks involved in not signing up for call tracking. It’s always better to be in the know!

Risk #1: You Don’t Know Who Your Customers Are

One of the most significant features of an advanced call tracking solution is that it tracks your calls so you’ll have a much easier time targeting your audience. As soon as the number dials, call tracking will already know the caller’s first and last name, location, phone number, and purchase history. The caller can even be routed automatically to the nearest business franchise or to an agent who might share the same language. These kinds of automation can only be done with a sophisticated call tracking solution, which you can test. If you choose to not invest in an advanced call tracking software, you won’t get these deeper insights on your target audience. Audience targeting is extremely important in marketing because you’ll know how to better optimize your advertisement campaigns based on who it attracts. A/B testing would also be a whole lot easier and more effective with call tracking. This premier marketing tool allows you to know your callers and web leads like the back of your hand.

Risk #2: Your Customer Service Will Fall Behind

Great customer service is the number one way to ensure that your business reputation will flourish and your customer retention levels will steadily increase. As much as 55% of customers would pay more for the same purchase if it means that they will get better customer service in the process. When the upgraded experience is positive, brands typically see a 10% increase in customer retention rates, as well as a 30% increase in the company’s overall value. These numbers tell the truth: customer service is important. If a business wants to carve out a place for itself in any saturated market, it can’t skip out on having spectacular customer service. Call tracking enhances customer service by personalizing the phone call like never before. With call tracking, personalization can actually be automated. You’ll be positioning your company at the forefront of the industry if you choose to optimize your customer service with an advanced call tracking software.

Risk #3: Your ROI Attribution Modeling Won’t Be As Accurate

ROI attribution is simply the process of attributing credit to the appropriate advertisements or campaigns that spurred your web and call leads. Without call tracking, ROI attribution is basically a shot in the dark. You won’t have empirical data to prove whether any of your advertisements are working correctly. Even if you are bringing in the calls, you won’t know which ads are working best and which ones you need to optimize for even greater profitability. The advantage of having a call tracking software helps you to improve your marketing campaigns and attribute credit to the ones that are pulling in sales.

Risk #4: You’ll Be Spending More Money in the Long Run

Because of an inefficient workflow, you’ll be spending more money in the long run with advertisements that aren’t effectively optimized, agents who aren’t performing at their best, and cold leads who aren’t part of your target audience. The potential to spend more increases as you stop investing in an advanced call tracking system. It’s simple: when your inbound and outbound marketing efforts are optimized correctly, your entire business process will be a lot more efficient in the long run.

The key solution for improving your marketing strategies and increasing your sales is to invest in premier call analytics and call tracking platform. This specific piece of marketing technology is helping businesses around the world change the way they advertise and interact with their customers. Be on the right side of mar-tech. Schedule a consultation!

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