What Makes Phonexa Revolutionary for Marketers?

A company’s phone system is central to their overall performance. Before we can truly explain how Phonexa changes the game for all marketers, let’s hash out the importance of the phone system. As a marketer (and perhaps business owner), you need a phone system that is 100% reliable. Here’s why:

Your Phone System Affects Your Business Reputation

We can all agree that first impressions matter a lot – especially in business. Your IVR is most likely the first representative that interacts with your potential customers, so that’s your chance to leave a positive first impression. If your IVR is integrated with advanced call tracking and voice recognition, your phone system will automatically reroute the call based on the customer’s geographic location and offer the appropriate language options for that area. Advanced voice recognition will limit mistakes in your conversation and deliver top quality service for your customers. These automated interactions will set the tone for how customers will perceive your company.

Your Phone System Determines Your Workflow

Automation should be a given in this day and age. If you can automate a part of your workflow with technology that performs just as well, if not better, than humans, then why not invest in that technology? Automations will save your company plenty of time and resources in the long run. An impressive form of automation is the modern call center. What used to depend on live agents to perform simple tasks, such as checking your balance or changing your passcode, can now be completely automated. If you upgrade your phone system, you will also be upgrading your workflow from the inside out.

Your Phone System Affects Your Campaigns

Finally, your phone system affects your marketing campaigns significantly. Because of the mobile era, phone calls to businesses are actually increasing rather than decreasing, even with social media and live chat. People prefer to speak directly with businesses because it’s more personal, and if done right, quicker than the other two methods. If phone calls are on the rise, then you need to optimize your marketing campaigns for call conversions. An advanced phone system, such as Phonexa, will come equipped with cutting-edge call tracking to deliver detailed reports on your callers and campaign results. With the insights you’ll receive, you can create relevant split tests and optimize your marketing campaigns for optimum conversions.

How Phonexa Fills Those Needs and More

Now that we’ve gone over why having an advanced phone system is so important, we’ll tell you exactly why Phonexa exceeds those standards. Phonexa isn’t like other cloud call platforms. As wonderful as the features we mentioned may be, they should be expected from the standard cloud call platform nowadays. Phonexa revolutionizes the industry because we don’t only offer a solid Call Tracking platform, integrated with a state-of-the-art voice recognition software and IVR, but we also streamline your other business needs under one roof. Our fully automated accounting software, Books360, makes it easy for you to view your payables and receivables. If you’re concerned about web leads, our LMS SYNC lead management system lets you handle all of your inbound and outbound leads with ease. Above all, we will custom build whichever integrative platform that your business needs. Phonexa isn’t just a call platform – it’s your ticket to a seamless omnichannel experience.

If you’re ready to turn your marketing structure around, schedule a live demo with Phonexa today.

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