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Mark Kosin
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Mark Kosin
4 minute read

Open Enrollment has always been a critical time for insurers. Expect the level of interest to be even higher this year as consumers search for insurance options in the midst of a pandemic, economic turbulence, and uncertainty surrounding the election and the fate of the ACA (Affordable Care Act). Brands are advised to position themselves as trusted voices during this time.

Kicking off November 1st, Open Enrollment gives consumers a year-end window to explore new coverage options. Insurance companies and agents want to be in a position to reach these consumers and provide them with resources that will educate them about their options, letting them make an educated decision.

Because we work with a wide range of insurance carriers, agencies, and agents, at Phonexa we know the unique challenges of this industry during Open Enrollment, and want to provide insurers with all the best information and technology to connect with consumers.

Knowing what’s important and which strategies can work has the ability to make all the difference for marketers. In order to cut through the noise, we’re sharing some of the most important things insurance companies want to focus on for Open Enrollment 2021. By keeping these factors in mind, brands can be prepared for this important time. What marketers should know for open enrollment 2021?

There Is A Lot of Uncertainty

It’s difficult to recall the last time there was so much uncertainty for insurance companies and consumers. The ongoing impact of Covid-19 continues to keep health insurance on top of the minds of consumers. In addition to the pandemic, there is also economy anxiety and an election which is sure to have major implications on people’s healthcare.

As an insurance marketer, it is best to acknowledge all of this in content and marketing messages. Explain how your offerings are specifically able to assist prospects and policyholders during this time. It is also advised to prepare a wide range of plans and coverage options to address the various circumstances consumers may find themselves in. Speaking openly about the state of the world will be more authentic to people than rolling out the same old marketing messages you’ve used before.

Useful Content is Valuable

Because there is so much news and interest in people’s wellness and health insurance coverage, consumers are eager to find resources they can trust to make sense of it all. As a marketer, your first thought should go to how your site content can be an asset to those searching the web for health insurance information.

It will be advantageous for any brand that can position itself as an authority on topics such as Covid-19 coverage, getting health insurance after losing a job, or understanding what could happen next to the ACA. Navigating the options provided by the ACA can be a challenge for even savvy consumers, so the more insights can you share via blogs, videos, or on social media, the more likely it is that you’ll form a connection with consumers. Covering these topics will also make you more relevant, improving your ability to rank near the top of web searches.

People Want Peace of Mind

In addition to providing people with valuable information, your brand can also stand out by offering something else: a sense of calm or safety in a challenging year. More than just giving consumers content about premiums and deadlines, you can also build a content strategy around giving sound health advice and repeating guidelines and recommendations from the CDC.

Helpful insights about wearing a mask or ventilating areas will show consumers you’re putting their health and safety above all else. You can also go a step further and address concerns over mental health that have risen during this year. Simple blogs or images that offer meditation tips or lists of services can provide individuals with a sense of calm and care that is desperately needed this year.

Consumers Are Eager to Connect Over Calls

With all the challenges facing consumers and brands for Open Enrollment 2021, your business should be making every effort to connect with prospective customers on a human level. One way to do that is by making sure you are working to drive inbound consumer calls.

Despite the prevalence of digital marketing, the truth is most consumers get a greater sense of connection with a brand when they can speak to a live representative. A recent study revealed that 70% of consumers would still prefer to talk to a real person than engage with a chatbot or other digital communication.

When considering a large and complex purchase, consumers are going to be especially more interested and likely to convert over a phone call that includes a conversation with a live agent. It’s critical that insurance companies are able to handle a large volume of calls during Open Enrollment, but also that they are able to track and understand the attribution of their call efforts. Fundamental to accomplishing this is implementing call tracking software.

Insurance companies that use call tracking software are going to put themselves into a position to achieve their goals, with tools that can track call attribution from your marketing efforts and provide real-time reports that reveal key performance numbers.

Guiding consumers through Open Enrollment 2021 will be a great challenge for insurance marketers, but creating useful content, speaking directly to concerns, and opening a line of discussion with inbound call marketing can make all the difference this year.

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