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Why Advanced Voice Technology Boosts Your Brand Image

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4 minute read

We’ve been acquainted with the possibilities of voice technology growing sentient, developing their own consciousness and eventually rebelling against their human makers, but it gets worse…

The truth might be a bit shocking because the current progress of AI actually doesn’t look all too different from that cliché sci-fi motif. Facebook recently shut down its AI chatbots, Bob and Alice, because they formed their own language and began operating with each other using new code words to resolve complex assignments. The bots were programmed to operate under a reward-based system, so there were simply no rewards for them sticking to the regular English language. As a result, well, we have two bots communicating with each other through an entirely new language system.

The most interesting factor is that these bots still used their voices to communicate. Voice technology gives personality to AI. It’s the irrefutable humanlike quality that makes them both fearsome and attractive to their makers. Voice technology has gone a long way from where it first started. From clunky, man-operated machines to the full-blown, intuitive system that it is now, voice technology continues to shock us by how helpful it can be for our day-to-day lives. In business, having an advanced voice recognition system means that you will be able to make top-notch customer service optimizations, improve your brand image, and increase your productivity.

The Accuracy of Voice Recognition

The accuracy of your voice recognition software depends on which platform you choose to use. The more advanced the voice recognition technology, the more fluid your customer service experience will be. Voice technology has already surpassed human agents in transcription and understanding, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t incorporate such a beneficial software to your marketing system.

Phonexa’s VoicePLUS voice recognition feature delivers a top-notch customer service experience that will set your business apart from others in your industry. VoicePLUS leverages natural human speech to communicate with customers, so your automated phone conversations will still maintain an attractive, personal touch, despite it being completely mechanical in nature. VoicePLUS also features machine learning, where the platform quickly picks up on specific speech patterns to enable a more pleasant and efficient customer service experience. This is especially important for businesses who target non-native English speakers. The software’s excellent vocabulary range, multi-lingual capabilities and machine learning capabilities all add up to an unrivaled phone experience that will boost your conversions and skyrocket your company image.

Elon Musk once said, “Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead, other times it will be behind. But brand is simply a collective impression some have about a product.” To impact your brand image, you’ve got to improve the way your company interacts with customers. The most direct way to do that is to get an optimized voice recognition software that will deliver fast and seamless results. When customers call in, they either have a complex issue that needs to be resolved by a human agent or a simple inquiry that can be resolved through self-service. With both options, the voice recognition software will likely be the first to interact with the customer, setting the tone for the rest of the conversation. In other words, your voice recognition software does more than just resolve queries; it gives customers the first impression of your entire company. If you wish to leave an extraordinary first impression, invest in an extraordinary voice software – one that’s malleable to the individual caller, is intuitive enough to take the right actions, and leaves the caller astounded by its level of convenience and helpfulness.

That kind of brand perception can only be acquired through employing the right tools, and the right tools are found right here at Phonexa. Schedule a consultation!

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