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We’ve mentioned before that calls can make or break your customer experience, but just how powerful can calls be?

Consider the difference between driving down the express lane on a bright, summer day with the air conditioner set at a perfect 67°, versus getting stuck in traffic with a triple-digit heat wave, in a car that has a broken air conditioner. If you can imagine, the latter is not a situation you want to be in.

In this simplified metaphor, the vehicle is your call platform, the intense weather is the competitive market, and the driver is you.

In such a pressuring environment, wouldn’t you rather be equipped with all the right tools to help you succeed? Your vehicle makes the biggest difference in this instance because it allows you to get ahead of the traffic in a more comfortable and convenient way. It is also the only factor that you have total control over. Similarly, most of us can’t control the industry market, but we can definitely control which tools we work with to make life easier for ourselves.

This is why an advanced call platform, such as Phonexa, sets your business apart from the others and helps you to get ahead.

Are you interested in learning how to secure your leads with a revolutionary call platform? Read on.

Phonexa Has All the Tools You Need

Just like a reliable luxury car with dozens of advantageous features, Phonexa has all the convenient options you need to take your business to the next level. For starters, many call platforms only specialize in one or two call features, such as call analytics and call tracking. Phonexa’s fully integrated Call Logic platform includes a customizable Interactive Voice Response, a state-of-the-art VoicePLUS voice recognition software, a fully automated accounting software, and a Lead Management System, on top of leading Call Analytics, Call Tracking, and a handful of other unique features.

With Phonexa, you will have one complete platform doing the work of ten. Each powerful feature was designed with excellence to ensure top quality performance to increase your ROI. You will have full insight on your call campaigns and marketing advertisements, allowing you to optimize them in a way that wouldn’t be possible without an advanced call tracking software. Even your offline advertisements can be tracked with our system!

Phonexa Grows with Your Business

Our scalability makes us the perfect fit for businesses of all sizes. Since our entire system is based on Cloud software, our clients don’t need to worry about setup fees or the inconvenience of adding or editing new users. With the user-friendly Interactive Management system, you will be able to add or edit users as you please. You can even do this through the comfort of your mobile phone, or any other internet-connecting device. The Interactive Management system allows you to customize your campaigns, add additional features, and view your critical metrics. You can also choose to receive notifications from internal and external resources to stay updated with your progress in real time.

Phonexa’s customizability and scalability means that we will be able to accommodate your business at every level; whether you’re just starting out or own a billion dollar business with millions of minutes per month. We can even build a completely new feature to accommodate for your business if you happen to want something that we don’t currently offer. All of this will not come at a cost to you. Our flexibility sets us apart from all other competitors.

Phonexa Improves Your Customer Satisfaction

The level of critical insights you will receive from our call analytics will most definitely boost your customer satisfaction. You will know who your target customers are, how long it took before their issues were resolved, and whether or not they had a happy call experience. Much of the customer service is actually rooted in the IVR. The IVR is the first voice to greet your callers, so it’s detrimental that you have an advanced voice response system to serve your customers. Phonexa’s IVR and VoicePLUS actually integrates with our call tracking system, offering multiple language options to callers and rerouting calls to the appropriate department.


If call platforms were vehicles, then you need to choose the one that will drive you towards success. You don’t want to be hindered by your vehicle. The vehicle is supposed to serve you, not the other way around.

Choose wisely. Choose Phonexa.

Phonexa is the leading all-in-one platform for call tracking, lead distribution, email, marketing, and digital marketing. The Phonexa staff is responsible for authorship of Phonexa blog posts.

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