Books360 is the first of its kind, completely automated accounting platform that helps you keep track of all payables and receivables from your vendors and customers. Generate and send invoices based on your preferred settings. Easily email pay statements and set different payment methods. With the flexibility and customization available through Books360, you can eliminate the manual work, allocate more time to operations, and lead a confident accounting team.

  • Automated customer invoices
  • Total sales
  • Total expenses
  • Completed leads
  • Sold leads
  • Payout details
  • Specific dates and times
  • Affiliate details and statuses
  • API integrations
  • A variety of payment methods

Books360 Features

Cash Flow Tracking

Books360 captures detailed reporting to outline your cash flow and put you in control of your billing and payments.

User-Friendly Management

Customize your invoice automations and analyze your total sales and expenses through the user-friendly software interface.

Payout Preferences

Our scalable platform supports a variety of different payment methods to accommodate your clients’ preferences.

Full Automation and History

Automation with Books360 eliminates historical recordkeeping, streamlining your day-to-day workflow.

Exportable Reporting

Easily export reports without any additional plugins or software.

Automated Invoicing and Payment Tracking

Books360 replaces the traditional, error-prone methods of invoicing by allowing you to track and schedule automatic invoices on a per-customer basis.

Customizable Accounting Features

An array of accounting features allowing you to eliminate manual work, allocate more time to operations, and lead a confident accounting team.