How Call Tracking Enhances Native Advertising

You might have seen the term “native advertising” pop up from time to time in the marketing industry, but it’s essentially just another term for influencer marketing. Native advertising involves reaching out to influential people and paying them to advertise your product/service to their audience. It’s the ultimate form of inbound marketing because it leverages authoritative people who have built rapport and trust with their followers to genuinely recommend your product.

Native advertising is nothing new, but businesses have never employed it at this scale before. The reason lies in the burst of influencers on social media. Before social platforms exploded, allowing normal consumers to turn themselves in public figures, native advertising seemed to have been reserved for stars and people of influence on TV and in movies. Now, anyone who has a large enough following can be considered According to the Digital Marketer and a handful of other studies, these personalized recommendations work exceptionally well at gaining click-throughs and conversions. They almost act as a digital form of word-of-mouth advertisement, winning people over significantly better than the usual pay-per-click ads that we see on blogs and websites. The reason is simple: when consumers follow various creators, they become a captive audience. After getting an inside look into the creators’ lives and becoming more invested in these influential people, the followers become warm leads, ready to consume anything that their celebrities recommend.

This kind of advertising can turn into the heartbeat of your inbound marketing strategy if done correctly. In order for you to truly optimize your native ad strategies, you’ll need to nail down three things:

Target Audience: Before you can even determine which campaigns to host and who to partner with, you should conduct thorough research on your target audience. Like the majority of the developed world, your target audience most likely lives online. With this in mind, start engaging on as many platforms as possible to determine the top outlets on where to find your target audience. Despite the overall misconception that social media in general attracts only millennials, each social platform attracts a different array of demographics. Instagram users, for example, are mostly within the 30 to 49 year old bracket. Facebook, on the other hand, attracts mostly 18-29 year olds. These simple statistics can be found with just a simple search on the web. Once you find the right platforms for your campaigns, move on to the next step.

The Right Influencers: The right influencers will, of course, have a following base that coincides with your target demographics. It shouldn’t be too difficult to determine the right influencers for your campaigns. All you have to do is observe their engagements to see who they attract the most. The right campaigners for your product should have a loyal following and is capable of producing high quality content. Native advertising does include personalized copy and sometimes even personalized photos, so it’s imperative that you pick collaborators who are going to represent your brand well.

Optimized Campaigns: Finally, with your target audience determined and your influencers all lined up, the final crucial part of this process is to optimize your campaigns accordingly. Now, just because you know your target audience does not mean that you know what works best in terms of advertisement. Every smart company goes through a process of A/B testing before they have a firm grasp on what works with their intended audience, even if they’ve been in the business for years. There’s always a better way to do just about anything. That’s why a proper call tracking software is so crucial to the development of your campaigns. With call tracking and analytics integrated into your native campaigns, your audience will also find it much easier to contact your business directly. Call tracking offers web analytics as well, so you can be sure that you will stay updated with results from every single campaign – whether it’s online or offline.

To get an inside look at Phonexa’s call tracking platform, feel free to schedule a demo with us. Every business is different, so we’ll show you exactly how Phonexa can power your specific business. Make the most out of your native ads with our platform and witness the boost in quality, calls, and conversions.

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