Self-Service Configuration

Phonexa provides a complete suite of tools designed to give our clients full control over their own accounts.

You're in Control

Here at Phonexa, we want you to be in control. Self-service allows you to fully manage and customize your own account. Companies can choose to grant certain administrators the ability to customize settings within the Phonexa platform as well. All of our platforms were created in a self-service model to give you the power to create the perfect phone system unique to your brand. Whether you are utilizing Call Logic, Books360, or LMS SYNC, you will always have the option to make adjustments. Our excellent support team is here to assist you every step of the way.

  • Applicable to every platform
  • Gives access to multiple users of your choosing
  • Allows you to reserve phone numbers, create your IVR structure, and activate various call campaigns
  • Puts you in control of our company's settings
  • Comes with outstanding help and support

Our self-servicing platforms allow you to set up campaigns, IVR structures, reserve phone numbers, and make other changes to your account settings.

Having the liberty to make your own adjustments saves you both time and resources. Our self-service model gives you the tools to be as creative and efficient as you want.

It's not every day that you get to experience being in full control of your entire phone platform. With Phonexa, you can create immediate changes and implement new strategies on your own terms.

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