Enterprise Solutions For Calls, Leads And Click Campaigns, Simplified With Phonexa

Phonexa's solution for call tracking brings the best-in-class blend of Call Distribution, Pay-per-Call Networks, Analytics and Tracking capabilities. Explore Call Logic for call tracking and boost your business.


All-in-one marketing software is replete with 7 separate complementary platforms that are each uniquely designed and customized to complete your company’s campaign strategy and create a cohesive workflow to lead journeys.

Explore Phonexa’s industry-leading suite of tools, including the likes of Performance Marketing and Lead Distribution, to begin maximizing your profit now.

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Work smarter, not harder!

7 solutions designed to unlock revenue, all for one low price

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Capitalize On Your Call Campaigns

Why successful businesses switch to Phonexa’s turnkey software solution to use Call Logic?

Capitalize On Your Call Campaigns
Optimized distribution that ensures calls are sent to destinations that match consumers to services and result in maximum profitability.
24/7 support for technical questions and a dedicated customer success representative ready to help you achieve your goals.
Customizable tools in interactive voice response and call recording enhance the customer journey.
Enjoy seamless integrations with all the tech stack tools that you already use, complete with guided onboarding for a stress-free transition for you and your team.
The ability to spot trends and find income-boosting insights with granular reporting not available with other solutions.