Waves is a premier analytics platform within LMS SYNC (our leads management system) and Call Logic. Waves gives you a thorough visual analysis of your sales leads and calls.

Powerful Metrics

Waves offers graphical reports that break down lead parameters into separate categories, making it easier for you to get the exact data you need. As shown in the two sample figures, you can either view the amount of leads that come with the selected parameters or you can choose to only view the performance aspects of those parameters in terms of the number of leads sold, the EPL, revenue, accept rate, and more. These in-depth graphical reports are also available for calls. You can choose to view and compare call demographics and conversion rates through the same table of values on the side.

Standard-Setting Analytics

Waves works within LMS SYNC and Call Logic to deliver meticulous visual data to help you make better financial forecasts and campaign optimizations. Waves offers much more than just rows and columns. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to analyze deeper insights and trends, giving you the capability to examine critical campaign elements in depth.

Custom Charts

With Waves, you can add charts for almost any lead parameter (with the exception of extraneous categories, such as first names, email, and other personal contact information). This feature allows you to select your own Chart Type, sorting options and labeling preferences. The ability to create your own charts gives you the key resource you need to stay ahead of all your campaigns.

Detailed Configurations

Waves allow you to configure charts at will, according to the Chart Type, Range Interval and labeling options of your choice. This means that you are free to make changes to your existing charts at all times, so you will never be stuck with your original chart settings. To top it off, you also have the option to remove your existing charts and create new ones on demand.

Countless Measurements

In addition to the metrics you saw above, Waves' reports also indicate a variety of different information based on your specific needs. You can analyze detailed leads (or caller) demographics, the financial impact of your leads distribution, overall financial trends, and even your publishers' ongoing performance. If you need the metrics for it, we can help you create it. With Waves, big data lies right at your fingertips.

Solid Predictions

The same reports also allow you to make accurate predictions based on surrounding factors and trends. For example, Waves can help you answer this question: "What if I don't receive leads with the given parameter value?" To find out, all you have to do is select a bar on the graph and click disable. Then, click "recalculate." The graph will then split into shadows, as shown in the figure, comparing the current value with the predicted outcome.

Personalized Viewing

The configurations you make will only stay saved on your personal interface, so your changes will not affect other users (and vice versa). To show other users your current settings, simply copy the link to your customized reports and send it. Those who click on your link will be able to view your charts according to the settings that you have chosen.

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