Lead Distribution System with Detailed Reporting

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Optimize the delivery of your inbound leads and maximize your revenue with automated lead distribution

Details make the difference: Reporting that gives you the insights you need with real-time data that loads quickly. Automation tools that provide comparisons and highlight trends. An optimized distribution process that ensures profitability. All this functionality comes together in one lead routing software solution.

A Scalable Solution for Distributing Leads
  • Use a lead distribution system to qualify your inbound leads from any source: web forms, calls, emails, and SMS
  • Access an auto-optimizing ping tree to distribute leads for maximum profitability
  • Get real-time comparison reports to effectively measure performance
  • Take advantage of custom-built integrations for automated lead distribution to fit your tech stack
  • Grow without restrictions with software for businesses of any size
Ready to understand your leads and maximize your sales?

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What goes into choosing the best lead management system?

You have a lot at stake when investing in a lead distribution system. You need to be able to get automated lead distribution while accessing other key features—like key filters, reports, and tech integrations. Choose the lead selling software that gives you the most functionality while providing data that can deliver a better return on investment.

Features to Command Your Campaigns

  • Boost earnings with automated lead distribution
  • Drive decisions with real-time Reporting
  • Set qualifications for which leads to accept
  • Loosen restrictions when you want to see more leads
  • Compare data sets with different time settings
  • Plan and implement various campaigns
  • Track specific data like clicks on your paid search or email links
  • Understand the average lifetime value of leads
  • Route your leads using optimizing algorithms
  • Stay ahead of the curve with reporting and analysis

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