Cloud PBX: A Phone System with Lower Costs and Greater Control

Pay less in usage fees and get more functionality with Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX Features

Tools for Call Center Clarity

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Why Businesses Count on Cloud PBX

Dynamic functionality that shows caller journeys, letting companies close the loop and seize on growth opportunities.
Smart call routing uses agent scoring and agent queue availability to connect leads to the agent best equipped to serve them.
As an integrated solution, Cloud PBX works seamlessly with Phonexa platforms for call tracking, lead distribution, and more.
A platform that delivers on scalability—quickly meet increased demand without any bulky equipment to install.
Improve agent productivity with call recording and agent scoring that measures keyword usage and conversions.
Businesses get significant flexibility with the freedom to connect to their phone system from anywhere without having to purchase or upgrade any hardware.

Cloud PBX Puts You In Control

Keep your business agile and efficient with a virtual phone system.

You’ll get seamless integration with major platforms, guided onboarding, and easy integration with your existing tools.

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What Our Customers Are Saying
Phonexa has helped my business! The platform has been instrumental in growing my business, the sheer volume of analytics at my fingertips has allowed me to really drill down in detail my leads which has in turn enabled me to increase my ROI.
Eamon B.

Eamon B.

Phonexa is easy to use and navigate. They have excellent customer support and are always there when you need them. Additionally, Phonexa offers a wide variety of reports that help you gain deep insights into your calls, and marketing efforts.
Wesley D.

Wesley D.

Sales Manager
My overall experience has been great. Our team uses vanity numbers to track calls and a custom IVR to route these calls. It helps with our attribution and we are able to see what campaigns are the most profitable, which helps us increase our marketing ROI. And maybe the most important aspect is how robust and flexible the software is.
Bobby G.

Bobby G.

Sales Manager

Get Greater Command and More Functionality for Your Cloud Phone System

The Phonexa Apps for mobile and desktop give you the speed, mobility, and convenience to control your marketing campaigns from anywhere, and on the go.

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Cloud PBX FAQs

What is Cloud PBX?

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Cloud PBX is an internet-based private phone system, or cloud-based Private Branch Exchange (PBX). While traditional private phone systems are connected over hardware infrastructure, a cloud PBX phone service connects a single phone system using cloud-based technology.

How does a virtual PBX service work?

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Cloud PBX works by hosting the services of a Private Branch Exchange over an internet connection or Local Area Network (LAN). A cloud PBX phone system does not need any phone lines or other physical hardware to be installed.

What are the benefits of using Cloud PBX?

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The benefits of using Cloud PBX are that a virtual private branch exchange will require less operating costs and no additional installation beyond existing internet connectivity. As a cloud-based software solution, Cloud PBX can be used in multiple decentralized or remote offices. Cloud PBX also offers the benefit of being easy to scale for growth or modify to maintain business agility.

Is this a solution for inbound or outbound calls?

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Phonexa Cloud PBX is a solution for both inbound and outbound calls. As a result, Cloud PBX can be used to manage a call center that is receiving inbound calls, or can be used to make contact with other types of consumers who have expressed interest in being connected with a live agent.

I have call center agents. Is this the right solution for me?

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Yes: Cloud PBX is an excellent solution for call center agents. By using Cloud PBX, you can maintain a sizable call center without any additional installation costs. Cloud PBX also allows businesses to host agents in multiple office locations, or facilitate a virtual call center made up of remote agents.

Can Cloud PBX handle my contact center needs?

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Yes, if you are running a contact center with a staff of agents you can use a cloud PBX phone system to support your private branch exchange. By using a virtual PBX service you’re able to host a high volume of call traffic without the installation of costly phone lines or servers. A Cloud PBX gives contact centers a low-cost option for freedom and flexibility.

What industries should use a Cloud PBX solution?

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Cloud PBX is a valuable solution for companies across industries that depend on connecting with their consumers over the phone and require a virtual private branch exchange. Businesses operating in the insurance, home services, healthcare, and the financial service space can all benefit from using a virtual phone system with Cloud PBX. Businesses in other verticals that utilize inbound or outbound call centers would stand to benefit from the low costs and flexibility available with Cloud PBX.

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