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The ultimate behavior analytics and conversion rate optimization software that helps you understand user behavior and improve conversions

HitMetrix Features

Data only tells one side of the story. Visualize, track, and document user behavior to produce data that shows how visitors convert after browsing through your website

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Why HitMetrix is Crucial to Conversions

HitMetrix records a website visitor’s user persona with forms, and where the pitfalls occur
Arm clients with customer satisfaction scores, and product managers and UX designers with session replays with findings and feedback
Measure the performance of your leads, and find out where they’re falling short by watching session replays of your form dropouts
Improve conversion flows and stop guessing usability testing by discovering when visitors get stuck and leak out during the journey
Leverage insights into activity-tracking solutions that offer detail into drop-offs. A dedicated dashboard analyzes conversions with data
Fraud-detection feature serves data in real time to ensure purchased leads are not fraudulent. HitMetrix is GDPR and CCPA compliant to keep end-user privacy safe

Get Better Insight with HitMetrix

Understand how your users are behaving with the most robust heatmap data visualization solution on the market today

You’ll get free integrations with major platforms, guided onboarding, and easy incorporation with your existing tools and products, like Lynx, LMS Sync, and Call Logic.

What Our Customers Are Saying

The customer support was amazing. Tiara and the Phonexa team was with us every step of the way through our initial build out of our ping tree. From integrations to client communication - it’s like they are part of our team! We’ve increased our revenue by monetizing our data effectively.
Bill S.

Bill S.

Phonexa is easy to use and very customizable. I am just starting to learn all the capabilities however the ones I am familiar with are easy to use and important in our day to day. All the different requests I made thus far were solved within the platform or was adjusted to meet my needs.
Mati M.

Mati M.

Media Manager
Phonexa has helped my business. The platform has been instrumental in growing my business, the sheer volume of analytics at my fingertips has allowed me to really drill down in detail my leads which has in turn enabled me to increase my ROI.
Eamon B.

Eamon B.


HitMetrix FAQs

What is a heatmap?

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A website heatmap tool presents complex data visualization by color, decoding behavior analytics, and user personas around clicking, scrolling, and tapping. Phonexa’s HitMetrix heatmap app records website visitor mouse movement and points you to ways in which you can improve the customer experience.

What are the benefits of a user behavior recording and analytics software?

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Conversion tracking on websites can be the missing ingredient from your marketing mix to identify pitfalls in the user journey. Improving quirks throughout customer touchpoints will help you improve conversion rate optimization. A screen recorder breaks down a frustrating session and offers data and insight for quick fixing.

How do I analyze HitMetrix data in real-time to improve the marketing funnel?

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HitMetrix is imperative for customer-centric marketing and identifying conversion rate optimization strategies. A top behavior analytics and conversion optimization tool like Phonexa’s HitMetrix gives brands everything they need to improve usability testing and to scale micro-conversion strategies.

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