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Putting Your Trust into Opt-Intel

Extract more value from your emails as part of a marketing suite that includes call tracking, lead distribution, and more.
Earn a sterling reputation for email hygiene with tools for scrubbing your email list that keep your focus on unique leads.
Achieve more with automation—use Opt-Intel to handle collecting and processing your opt-out requests in real-time to maintain efficiency.
Data security for your lists makes it easy and safe to store access to your opt-outs across time to ensure total control over your list suppression.
Eliminate frustration with a platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack to keep your business on track.
Feel confident with industry-leading email solutions that support performance marketers, advertisers, networks, and large agencies.

Dependable and Efficient Email Suppression

Maximize your email impact with suppression management from Opt-Intel

You’ll get seamless integration with major platforms, guided onboarding, and easy integration with your existing tools.

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What Our Customers Are Saying
Awesome service, amazing product, great value. This software is by far the best lead management software I've ever come across. I previously used a free form from one of my buyers, that was a mistake. Phonexa put me in the driver's seat. The software allowed me to explore all opportunities. It also created some healthy competition among buyers.
Marvin S.

Marvin S.

The customer support was amazing. Tiara and the Phonexa team was with us every step of the way through our initial build out of our ping tree. From integrations to client communication - it’s like they are part of our team! We’ve increased our revenue by monetizing our data effectively.
Bill S.

Bill S.

The Phonexa team makes things very reasonable and for integrations they do provide reasonable time frames. They are always there to help and have personal relationships unlike other platforms I have used. Easy to function, use, and manage. If there are any questions, the team is always there to help.
Gerald W.

Gerald W.


Suppression List Management Made Simple with the Phonexa App

The Phonexa Apps for mobile and desktop give you the speed, mobility, and convenience to control your marketing campaigns from anywhere, and on the go.

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Opt-Intel FAQs

What is an email suppression list?

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An email suppression list is an email list that consists of recipients that you don’t want to include in your email campaigns. Usually, emails land on the suppression list if their email addresses are fake, fraudulent, or simply invalid, and contacting them will harm your sender's reputation, essentially putting your domain at risk of being blocklisted by significant ISPs like Google and others.

How does an email land on the suppression list?

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There are several ways in which recipients land on the suppression list. But one of the most common ways is a hard bounce, which is when an email has been returned to the sender because the recipient’s email is invalid. Another reason a recipient can land in the suppression list is a spam complaint, which means that subscribers flag an email address as spam.

What happens if you unknowingly send emails to faulty email addresses?

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If you unknowingly send emails to a hard-bounced email address, email algorithms identify your behavior as spammy. Additionally, inactive emails are often repurposed into spam traps, which will land your sender domain on a watchlist of errant senders throughout the ISP, which is a complex list to leave. This is why it’s crucial to have good email hygiene and back your efforts with a system that can upkeep your email lists.

What does “email list cleaning” mean?

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Email list cleaning refers to the process of regularly updating and filtering your email contact list by getting rid of outdated contacts and being responsive to recipient contact preferences (example: unsubscribe, less contact frequency, etc.). As a result of email upkeep, you cultivate an email list that yields intentional and more engaging interactions with the contacts on your email list.

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