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What's included in each Suite?
What's included in each Suite?
  • Lead Tracking & Distribution
    LMS Sync
  • Call Tracking & Distribution
    Call Logic
  • Email & SMS Marketing
  • Cloud Phone System
    Cloud PBX
  • Click Tracking
  • Suppression List Management
  • User Behavior Recording & Analytics
  • Automated Accounting
Lite Suite
$0 setup fee
  • Lead Tracking & Distribution$0.002/ping
  • Call Tracking & Distribution$0.045/minute
  • Email & SMS Marketing$0.20/1K emails
  • Cloud Phone System$0.01 - $0.10/minute
  • Click Tracking$0.30/1K clicks
  • Suppression List Management$0.50/1K records
  • User Behavior Recording & Analytics$0.0035/recording
  • Automated Accounting$0.00
Premium Suite
$1,000 setup fee
  • Lead Tracking & Distribution$0.001/ping
  • Call Tracking & Distribution$0.04/minute
  • Email & SMS Marketing$0.15/1K emails
  • Cloud Phone System$0.01 - $0.10/minute
  • Click Tracking$0.25/1K clicks
  • Suppression List Management$0.35/1K records
  • User Behavior Recording & Analytics$0.0035/recording
  • Automated Accounting$0.00
Most Popular
Enterprise Suite

Exclusive features that you get with Enterprise Suite only:

  • Advanced Reporting and Deep Analytics
  • Higher Data Storage and Faster Lead Processing
  • Buyer and Publisher Comparisons
  • Free Integrations
  • Domain White Labeling
  • Ping Tree Comparison
  • Lead Processing Analyzer
  • Traffic Flow

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Phonexa’s products and solutions are the right fit for my business?

Phonexa’s products and solutions are the right fit for marketers looking for real-time identification of the most profitable marketing channels while reducing operational challenges and management time, all under a singular marketing automation platform that provides actionable data insights into given call and lead generation campaigns.

What kinds of businesses use Phonexa?

Phonexa can be a perfect fit for any business or industry. High-consumer traffic industries such as insurance, finance, and home services verticals benefit the most from using the Phonexa Suite. Learn more about who uses Phonexa here.

How is Phonexa’s software different from the competition?

Performance marketers built Phonexa for performance marketers so that users take advantage of an all-in-one marketing automation software, complete with eight turnkey solutions covering nearly all types of lead generation campaigns. The software consolidates multiple platforms with highly-customizable reporting and analytics functionality that tracks and optimizes the performance of calls, web leads, clicks, email, SMS, and other campaigns – enhancing campaigns from lead and call generation to customer acquisition and everything in between.

Phonexa users benefit from increased insights into the customer journey, which also helps them improve all customer touchpoints throughout the sales funnel, all while simplifying lead tracking and distribution for both calls and web leads. With Phonexa, users get one contract, one set of credentials, and one support team, which centralizes all marketing efforts and removes the time-consuming mitigation of data between singular solutions.

How is Phonexa different from a CRM?

Phonexa sits on the front end of the tech stack and automation workflow between marketing channels and publishers, and customer relationship management tools (CRMs). The platform integrates with preferred CRM tools like Salesforce and Hubspot, while simultaneously sitting on the back end of the tech stack to improve monetization and lead and call distribution to advertisers.

Does Phonexa integrate with CRMs and other tools that I’m using?

Phonexa integrates with any API or third-party CRM, such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and others. Book a consultation to learn more about the compatibility of the Phonexa suite with your CRM platform.

Does Phonexa buy or sell leads or calls?

Phonexa does not buy or sell leads, but it is the core facilitator of the lead generation and transfer process between lead sellers, buyers, and affiliate networks.

Does Phonexa offer a free trial?

Phonexa currently does not offer a free trial of its products, but you can book a free consultation to receive a free demo of our platform.

Does Phonexa help you connect with buyers and lead sellers?

No. Phonexa is an operations solution for lead management that facilitates the analytics, tracking, and distribution of leads across all types of sources and publishers.

What can I expect to see when I'm using Phonexa?

When users log in to their Phonexa Instance, they’re immediately directed to a robust Global Dashboard, where they can review the performance of all Phonexa components enabled in their Instance. They can access details like publisher scores, revenue, data, reports, and the different marketing channels they’re deploying there. Learn more about the Phonexa Global Dashboard here.

What kind of customer support and onboarding help does Phonexa offer?

Upon signing up with Phonexa, a user is assigned a dedicated US-based Onboarding Specialist to guide them through the setup process and provide customized training on the Phonexa Suite, including its eight solutions and functionalities. This is also where the Onboarding Specialist helps the user set up third-party integrations with other systems and technology, providing full 360-degree training to prepare them for independent usage of the platform. Once onboarding is complete, a Client Success Manager will be assigned to tend to any support cases throughout their use. Phonexa also offers 24/7 technical support through the phone for any urgent needs.

Does Phonexa have an app?

The Phonexa App is available via iOS, Android, and macOS. The Phonexa App offers:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Quick access to system controls for all products
  • System management tools
  • Communication with Phonexa's support team 24/7
  • Global component menu search
  • Easy phone-to-web switch functionality with shareable links
  • Improved speed and UX than internet browsers
  • Easy-to-use favorites
Powerful alone. Better together.

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