Call Logic is Phonexa’s fully integrative call platform, delivering top analytics, state-of-the-art voice response, advanced marketing automations, and FREE API Integrations to boost your existing sales applications and revitalize your multi-channel campaigns.

Customizable Voice Systems You’ll Have to Hear to Believe

With Phonexa’s proprietary voice recognition solution, VoicePLUS, and leading IVR (Interactive Voice Response) working on your behalf, your customer service ratings will skyrocket. Our exceptional voice systems speak, listen and record more accurately than the average human agent, which means that your representatives can spend less time on self-serviceable cases and more time handling complex inquiries.

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Call Tracking that Transforms the Way You Receive Marketing Insights

Call Logic offers industry-leading analytics that matches your incoming phone leads to the marketing attribute that generated it, whether online or offline. Both Waves and Call Tracking give you the option to perform A/B tests, compare marketing results, and make data-driven marketing predictions. Our platforms serve all industries.

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Waves Call Tracking

Call Logic Features


Analyze the effects of your campaign optimizations and keep track of detailed customer behavior through meaningful data and statistics.


Build effective campaigns and drive more revenue by tracking advertisement performances, customer details, and more in real-time with comprehensive tracking tools.

Interactive Voice Response

Phonexa’s fully customizable IVR works hand-in-hand with Call Tracking to gather customer information and route calls to the appropriate agents.

Call Recording

Call recordings help companies optimize their inbound and outbound calls by allowing management and employees to revisit conversations for quality assurance.

Real-Time Reporting

Real-Time Reporting gathers visitor data and call tracking information as it happens, giving businesses the reports they need to make immediate optimizations.

Voice Recognition

Phonexa’s proprietary voice recognition solution, VoicePLUS, utilizes natural human speech to facilitate better conversations and increase your customer service experience.

Predictive Modeling

Phonexa’s premier analytics solution gives you a thorough visual analysis of your web and call leads with detailed analytics, comparison data, and predictive insights.

Professional Recordings

Phonexa’s immaculate recording feature personalizes the caller experience by replacing greetings, announcements, and voice prompts with a professionally recorded message.

Toll-Free and Vanity Numbers

Our toll-free and vanity numbers make it easier for callers to reach you while boosting your brand image.

Partnership Call Management

This collaborative tool allows for true partnership to happen between you, your vendors and customers.

Automatic Call Distributor

Phonexa’s Automatic Call Distributor is a call management feature that redirects incoming calls to the appropriate recipients based on your callers’ demographics and IVR survey results.

Interactive Management

Phonexa’s exquisite Interactive Management system is an elegantly designed, user-friendly dashboard with critical metrics and analytics to enhance your marketing performance.

Sophisticated Filtration System

This system is applied to the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to route calls based on your customized filtration settings.

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