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Why Businesses Prefer LMS SYNC

Access to lead details that offer a more in-depth understanding of lead traffic and campaign performance.
An optimized ping tree that expands earning possibilities by finding new destinations for organic decline leads.
Lead tracking systems that reveal attribution for all inbound leads that informs decisions and enhances revenue.
Automated distribution that can be set with specific criteria, sending leads quickly and saving time and money.
A single intuitive dashboard as part of a multi-channel marketing suite makes it easy to manage all your efforts in one place.
Live support around the clock for technical questions and a dedicated customer success representative ready to help you achieve your goals.

A Lead Management Solution that Integrates with Your Tech Stack

Don’t miss a beat when onboarding with a dedicated team that ensures LMS SYNC is integrated with all the tools you already use.

You’ll get free integrations with major platforms, guided onboarding, and easy integration with your existing tools.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Phonexa is definitely an all-in-one solution for lead management. Comes with built-in analytics and tracking. Everything is pretty streamlined and easy to manage. We are able to see the lead details in real time and automatic distribution makes our lives easier. For us, the most valuable part of Phonexa is the ability to add additional publishers and buyers into the pipeline.
Burak D.

Burak D.

Marketing has become seamless since using LMS SYNC. The tracking and reports are so detailed, it has really helped improve conversion and ROI month after month. The campaigns and reporting that it generates and creates are incredible.
Duane C.

Duane C.

We finally found the one! I really appreciate being able to do everything in one platform. From call tracking to ping tree management, accounting, and my email campaigns. Everything works together and tracks seamlessly. I can see a lead from the time it is generated to monetization on the backend.
Devin F.

Devin F.



Why is a lead management system important?

With a lead management system you can plan and implement various campaigns to generate traffic, gather leads, nurture leads, and close new customers. With lead management, you also get lead distribution software to effectively allocate leads.

What is the best lead management software?

Your business goals will be the best indicator of what lead management system to use. The best lead management software includes features such as automated lead capturing, intelligent routing, reporting and analysis, activity scheduling and tracking, and advanced security.

What is the sales lead management process?

The sales lead management process refers to identifying, generating, and maintaining prospects for your business. In order to do this, you must track your ads and leads. The process involves creating content that resonates with your audience with the aim of improving your brand, driving traffic, closing sales, or achieving various objectives.

Can you provide me customized features in the lead management system?

Phonexa’s LMS SYNC can be customized to track specific data such as clicks on your paid search or email links. I can also provide details of leads' behavior before they fill your optimized forms. Our web-based lead management software can be easily customized for different industries, such as insurance, finance and home services.

How should my business use lead tracking?

Lead tracking helps you to know the performance of your marketing campaigns. By tracking leads, you can quickly determine which campaigns are delivering the best results and which ones are depleting your marketing budget without providing substantial ROI.

How do I track sales leads?

Lead management software solutions can help you identify the channels from which the leads are originating, the activity of the leads from your online sources, average lifetime value, and so on.

What is the best way to organize and manage my sales leads?

The best way to organize and manage your sales leads is by utilizing a lead management system that offers the features that your business needs.

Why should I choose Phonexa’s LMS SYNC?

Phonexa’s LMS SYNC provides granular analytical data on the impact of your marketing campaigns. With our lead management software, you can build campaigns and track leads in real-time, uncover new revenue opportunities, get real-time information of your campaigns, and make informed decisions.

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