Insurance Lead Generation & Analytics Software

Identify your most profitable marketing channels, integrate existing technologies, and drive more insurance leads with efficiency

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Improve Traffic Quality with Advanced Features and Reporting

Insurance marketing is about knowing your customer down to the zip code. Detailed reports and features spur higher conversion rates.

Call with Application

Include insurance lead applications with your inbound calls for better customer interaction

Comparison Reports

Identify important trends and focus on only the most relevant KPIs with reports that tell you the whole story

Auto-Optimizing Ping Tree

Put automation to work with this tool that provides maximum profitability for your lead distribution efforts

Per-State Comparison

Focus on your data on a state level to measure your efforts and spot opportunities

How Phonexa Works for You

See why more insurance companies and professionals are turning to Phonexa



Individual Agents

Better Technology Gives Your More Insight and Control

Agencies have complicated needs: filtering for specific leads, integrating with existing tech stacks, and sorting through a wealth of data. As a solution, Phonexa gives you the tools to meet these needs, reach your full business potential, and scale up from there.

Filter for Traffic Quality

Adjust your filter criteria to get leads that meet your parameters so you get a higher rate of conversion. Change filter settings by state, zip code, and more.

Tech that Suits You

Every agency is different, so why shouldn’t they expect different tech solutions? Take advantage of our robust integrations and versatile multi-channel tracking platform.

Eye-Opening Reports

Data is only as good as the actions it allows you to take. Explore our fast-loading real-time reports and see what key data trends you might be missing out on.

The Multi-Channel Solution to Fit Your Tech Stack

Reliability. It’s a cornerstone of your business—making sure all your technology is connected and that you’re getting the best return on your marketing spend. Phonexa helps you maintain your business workflow while earning more with optimizations and analytics.

Identify Growth Opportunities

When you’re running multiple campaigns, you need to know which ones are truly delivering. Phonexa shows you with insights for your calls, clicks, web leads, emails, and more.

Work at Scale

Big is good. Bigger is better. Maintain your market dominance and plot your next phase with our adaptive solutions that fuel your limitless potential.

Dive Deep with Data Analytics

To a passerby it’s a few decimal points, but to the experienced marketer it’s a treasure map. Use Phonexa reporting to spot the tiny data differences that open the door to substantial earnings.

Spend Less and Write More Policies

Optimizing your traffic flow can seem complicated… but it doesn’t have to be. Phonexa simplifies the process of accepting insurance leads while integrating with your existing systems at a flexible cost. With knowledgeable onboarding experts and dedicated customer service, it’s easy to bring in your dream traffic and start earning more.

Ready If You Are

Exceptional solutions don't need to come with a hefty price tag: Phonexa offers an industry-leading marketing suite at price points for insurers of any size.

Expertise on Demand

No chatbots here (unless, that’s your preference). We pride ourselves on having real representatives available every step of the way to help you reach your goals.

Get to the Next Level

Bringing in more quality traffic is only the beginning. Our analytics and optimizations are built to show you every possible opportunity to earn more.

Powerful alone. Better together.

Every solution Phonexa offers is enough to help companies grow, but when used together in one marketing suite they can push your business to new heights.

Helping Insurance Marketers of All Types







Use Phonexa to Grow Your Business

Track your marketing efforts to see how well your campaigns are performing, then use tracking data to optimize your strategies

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Automate your distribution process to quickly and efficiently disperse leads to enhance the customer journey

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Puts data to work by using predictive models to show probable outcomes of adjusted strategies for your marketing campaigns

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