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Get unique marketing insights, generate more calls, and improve your ROI with our sophisticated multi-channel marketing software built to help your insurance agency exceed expectations.

Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns and Drive More Inbound Calls with Phonexa

Insurance remains an incredibly competitive marketing space. That’s why Phonexa wants to provide an advantage for those in the insurance industry. Our robust platform helps you better connect with prospects and improves your return on investment.

Call Details

Get precise insights into all of your calls. Take a deep dive into each consumer’s journey—where they came from, who they are, and why they were connected to their final destination.

Tracking Pool Examination

Identify the critical links between your calls and your search ads related to PPC campaigns. Access a pool of phone numbers and dynamically track by multiple keywords.

IVR Constructor

Create a custom IVR that leads your customers on a journey towards higher company conversions. Funnel callers to the correct department or drive traffic to multiple advertisers.

Comparison Report

Gain deeper insight into multiple data sets and KPIs relevant to your lead generation initiatives. See your key performance indicators at different date and time ranges to make decisions that will impact your ROI.

Fine-Tune Campaigns by State

Answer questions about how your campaigns are performing across different states. Get critical data to help you make better optimizations by comparing KPIs from multiple states.

Predictive Analytics

Get a visual analysis of your web and call leads. View custom charts to compare and measure key lead variables, and test the results of campaign adjustments without risking a dime.

Insurance Call Tracking and Routing

Identify the impact your insurance marketing has by tracing the journey of inbound calls. Use our call tracking software designed for the insurance industry to identify callers who are looking for a home, auto, life, or an insurance bundle and get them to the right representative.

Insurance Lead Distribution & Generation

Collect insurance leads through our insurance lead generation software and redistribute them with our advanced insurance lead distribution and multi-tier ping tree technology.

Insurance Email Marketing

Keep your leads engaged with automated email options included with our top-tier email marketing software for insurance agents. Manage subscribers and target certain groups with customizable email messages.

Insurance Accounting

Maintain an impeccable bottom line with a comprehensive accounting software for insurance agencies that lets you get a top-level view of all your insurance marketing efforts.

Phonexa’s Solution for Insurance Also Includes:

Free Integrations

Connect easily and effortlessly with the applications and tools that you use on a daily basis with our advanced API and Third-Party Integrations.

Campaign Optimization

Attribute calls and web leads to specific ads or campaigns and have a clearer idea of how to spend your money on the next campaign.

Detailed Insights

Track detailed caller demographics, so you can identify which marketing campaigns are generating more calls and leads with our advanced call analytics software.

Call Recordings

Review your call conversations for evaluation, training, and compliance purposes to enhance your customer satisfaction.

Demographic-Based Call Routing

Route calls based on demographics through our Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) and improve your call flow for better customer experience.

Sophisticated Filtration System

Decide how incoming calls should be handled by creating your own filters and route calls based on these customized filtration settings.

Why Phonexa

More Calls and Call Data

Call tracking and call management by Phonexa helps insurance marketers handle greater call volumes and makes sure that all the relevant data from every call is collected.

Earn Consumer Confidence

It is critical that insurance companies provide exceptional customer service to every prospect that calls in. Interactive Voice Response and Call Recording feature ensure that.

A One-Stop Shop

Phonexa’s all-in-one platform allows marketers to easily track calls, generate web leads, run automated email campaigns, handle internal accounting, and much more in one platform.

Get More Out of Your Investment

Phonexa empowers insurance marketers to precisely measure their return on investment with its sophisticated call tracking and campaign analytics.

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An All-in-One Marketing Software Used by Insurance Companies

Phonexa is a powerful all-in-one platform for ROI-driven marketing that delivers insights on your campaigns and helps you make smart optimizations for increasing your ROI. Phonexa provides various tools to help insurance providers optimize the caller experience and convert them into customers.

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