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Call Logic

The premier call analytics platform that visualizes your calls with insight on demographics, campaign call generation, location, and caller profiles.

Call Logic is equipped with essential features, such as Call Queuing, Call Routing, Call Recording, Interactive Call Management, and comprehensive Call Analytics. It’s easy, intuitive, and all in real-time.

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(Lead Management System)

Phonexa’s dedicated Lead Management System is built from the ground up with lead generators in mind. LMS SYNC includes comprehensive analytics about your application and call leads data with the ability to collect, store, organize, and route according to filtration settings.

We know leads and calls go hand in hand, which is why LMS SYNC seamlessly integrates with your other platforms.

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(Accounting Software)

The first of its kind, completely automated accounting software with features that include automated and customized invoicing, automated notifications, reporting, and complete accounting management.

Books360’s convenience-first design saves your business money, time, and resources. The best part is it’s customizable for any industry.

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