Finally, an Email Marketing Platform with Exceptional Deliverability for Everyone

E-Delivery gives you the tools to take charge of every granular detail that goes into creating a high-converting email campaign. Our unique technology makes it easy for you to identify your best leads and create excellent emails that hit the target inbox.

  • Powerful Deliverability Infrastructure
  • Advanced Automatization
  • Accurate Analytics

E-Delivery Features

Drag & Drop Templates

Create personalized emails that perfectly reflect your brand with our vast selection of customizable email templates.

Reliability & Security

With an average up-time of 99.99%, E-Delivery is the trustworthy platform you need to confidently send out your optimized campaigns while handling confidential customer information.

Increased Deliverability

Our reliable multi-ESP increases the deliverability of your emails, ensuring that every message will reach the customer inbox. 

Campaign Analytics

Improve the customer journey and boost engagement rates by examining the in-depth performance analytics provided for each campaign.

Seamless ESP Integration

Effortlessly connect with all major email service providers and take full control over your email campaigns with customizable templates and detailed performance analytics.