Upgrade Your Lead Selling And Buying With Automated Ping Tree Software

Enjoy more control over your lead distribution with algorithms for the best prices when you buy or sell leads. Improve your customer service and data security and route your leads to the most interested buyers for a “first look” before they make a purchase.


All-in-one marketing software is replete with 7 separate complementary platforms that are each uniquely designed and customized to complete your company’s campaign strategy and create a cohesive workflow to lead journeys.

Explore Phonexa’s industry-leading suite of tools, including the likes of Performance Marketing and Lead Distribution, to begin maximizing your profit now.

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Work smarter, not harder!

7 solutions designed to unlock revenue, all for one low price

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How does using Ping Tree deliver value?

Optimize how you buy and sell your leads with an advanced ping tree system

Buyers are pinged with leads
They can choose to accept or pass on leads
Leads move down the ping tree to new buyers
Sellers get to show leads to multiple parties
Strategic algorithms find the best fit for each lead
Leads are distributed for maximum value and profitability