Maximize Your Revenue with Ping Post Software

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Optimize how you buy and sell your leads with smart and secure ping post lead distribution software.

What is the impact of using the best ping post software? You get control over your lead buying and selling. Algorithms that deliver you the best price points for your business. And the confidence that you are connecting consumers with the products and services they need.

How does Ping Post Software deliver value?
  • Buyers are pinged with leads
  • They can choose to accept or pass on leads
  • Sellers get to show leads to multiple parties
  • Strategic algorithms find the best fit for each lead
  • Leads are distributed for maximum value and profitability
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What goes into choosing the best ping post software?

Technology makes the difference. An auto-optimizing algorithm means your business sees more revenue per lead. Intuitive design makes the best ping post software easy to use. Data security means your lead data is safe. Not all ping post lead distribution software can deliver the value and innovation of Phonexa’s LMS SYNC.

Features to Command Your Campaigns

  • Boost earnings with ping post lead distribution
  • Set prices that work for your business
  • Automatically accept or reject leads that don’t fit your needs
  • Make adjustments quickly when necessary
  • Connect consumers with the best fit for them
  • Ensure maximum profitability and scale your business

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