Lead Distribution Software for Accelerated Data Transfers

Make sure your leads reach the right destination quickly with an automated sales lead distribution solution.

Why Use Lead Distribution?

The best chance at converting a lead is to connect with them within the first five minutes of their contact initiation. Lead distribution software uses automation to promptly deliver leads where they need to go.

Easily Increase Efficiency

Automated Distribution & Real-time Lead Routing

You can set custom configurations using marketing automation to ensure your leads are distributed according to your precise specifications. Automated distribution with ping tree service also reduces errors and disseminates leads faster. Drive high-quality calls with call tracking and lead routing tools, uncover new revenue opportunities, and ensure that leads are matched to dedicated sales reps and account managers.

Generate More Leads

Optimized Forms

Generate More Leads

Choose from various web form templates or build a form that best suits your needs. Create your perfect lead funnel by fine-tuning your forms and adjusting your lead distribution platform.

Generate More Leads

Focus on Conversions

Advanced Filtering Functionalities

Keep your lead distribution process running smoothly by only taking in and allocating prospects that meet your criteria. Set your preferred filters to maintain high-quality traffic or adjust for greater lead volume.

Lead Distribution Software as Part of Your Performance Marketing

Powerful alone. Better together.

Click “Build My Plan” to discover which Phonexa solution best scales with your business, and identify the product in our marketing automation suite that complements your strategy.

Watch how it works in action

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Lead Distribution FAQs

What are the most important lead distribution software features?

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LMS Sync, Phonexa’s lead distribution tool, presents an intuitive campaign management dashboard highlighted by real-time lead routing, advanced analytics, granular reporting, a filtering system, and other critical lead distribution features. Its custom-set configurations and strategy-driven components automate the process of converting leads to customers while also improving workflows and allowing clients to monitor acquisition rates and other essential lead management metrics.

How does lead distribution software use automation?

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Lead distribution software uses automation to direct leads towards specific destinations or buyers at a pre-arranged price. Lead buyers will often set prices for different leads based on various factors. Income level, geographic location, and other fundamental data points can impact what type of prices are set for distribution.

Who uses lead distribution software?

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  • Sales managers who want an automatic system that can assign leads instantly to sales reps
  • Firms with remote salespeople working in different locations and time zones
  • Lead generation firms, advertising agencies, and marketing companies
  • Firms selling multiple products that require immediate lead distribution to their sales reps for a quick response
  • Small firms that need to move from a time-consuming, manual lead distribution system to an automated system that will help their sales rep close deals more quickly

What is lead routing?

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Lead routing is the distribution of incoming web leads or phone calls to available sales representatives. Lead routing can be done manually or automatically through a lead distribution system which will route leads or callers using preferred distribution methods.

What should I do before implementing lead distribution software?

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To implement lead distribution software, you must first define your marketing objectives and research the tools and functionalities your company will need to achieve these goals. Businesses often need solutions that help automate sales processes, improve and control the customer journey, and reduce lead response time.

When choosing a vendor offering lead distribution solutions, you need to compare pricing plans, learn about the onboarding process, and assess the system’s functionality through online reviews and testimonials. With this information, you can make informed decisions about the best-suited and cost-effective lead management platform for your business.

How can I change my lead distribution software?

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Before switching vendors, you must find alternative solutions that fit your needs and quality requirements for marketing automation or lead distribution software. Then, communicate with your current vendor and explain why their service doesn’t serve your current business needs or meet the quality requirements.

If the current vendor doesn’t attempt to fix the problems to keep you as a client, make your intent to switch known and contact other suitable vendors. Finally, inform your team members about the upcoming change and consult with your new distribution software vendor to ensure a smooth transition and onboarding process.

What is the difference between lead distribution and lead management?

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Lead management facilitates all inbound and outbound leads — most commonly by utilizing a lead management system. Lead distribution is disseminating leads to other destinations or lead buyers. Lead distribution is closely tied to lead management, as it is necessary to have a superior lead management system to allow for successful lead distribution.

Where can I get the best lead distribution software?

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If you want lead distribution software that will exceed your expectations, get in touch with us. Our industry-specific experts are ready to discuss your lead distribution needs and provide solution recommendations.

Leverage the dynamic lead distribution capability of Phonexa’s LMS Sync to save time with automation, grow your business, and maximize your revenue opportunities. As part of the Phonexa marketing all-in-one suite, LMS SYNC can help marketers take a multi-channel integrated approach to their lead distribution efforts.

How can I create a lead distribution strategy?

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    When developing a lead distribution strategy, businesses must remember the importance of customizing distribution rules and automating repetitive tasks. Here are some steps companies can take to create and implement a successful distribution strategy:

  • Look for distribution software that can buy and sell high-quality leads.
  • Make sure that the software can help you screen prospects for quality.
  • Implement distribution software with an automated lead routing feature to customize rules and determine the most appropriate way to manage and distribute prospects.
  • Test different routing rules, compare conversion results, pinpoint what works best for your company, and establish rules that fit your lead generation efforts.
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