Buy & Sell Leads with a Ping Tree Service

Wield substantial control over your organic leads with your own ping tree for distribution of call and web leads

Give Your Leads New Life

With ping tree technology, your business can distribute leads to a network of buyers while setting your own price points. Discover the value for declined organic leads by adding them to our ping tree lead generation channel and finding interested third parties to buy them.

Lead Sellers

Greater Control Over Your Leads

Ping tree technology gives you the freedom to set your own price, plus you have more choices when it comes to the final destination for your leads. Using technology to eliminate traditional barriers creates a more efficient lead distribution process.

Higher Revenue per Lead

If you are looking to sell your organic leads, ping tree technology opens up a wide world of buyers, creating a more competitive marketplace. Improve your chances of selling your leads by getting connected to more interested parties.

Lead Buyers

Superior Purchasing Power

Lead Buyers enjoy greater authority over the buying process. With more sellers available, buyers can be selective with leads and pay in accordance with that lead's value to their business.

Optimized Acquistion Budget

Ping tree service provides buyers with flexibility in what prices they are willing to pay for leads. This gives them the power to optimize their cost-per-acquisition for each lead.


More Opportunities for Consumers

Consumers are interested in getting connected to their desired product or service in a fast and hassle-free manner. When leads are distributed through a ping tree, consumers are matched to more service providers in real time.

Less Wait Time

Response times are reduced when companies use ping tree software to connect consumers and services. By pinging multiple businesses at once, ping tree users are able to quickly match customers to the best available service for them.

Powerful alone. Better together.

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Watch how it works in action

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Ping Tree FAQs

What is a Ping Tree?

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Ping Tree is the process of lead distribution using Ping Post to deliver leads to multiple buyers with varying criteria, filters, and prices for each lead coming to your lead management dashboard via LMS Sync. Ping Tree software also allows publishers or affiliates to ping the same leads to multiple buyers at once to undergo bidding.

What types of leads can go through the Ping Tree?

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All types of leads — including call and web leads — can go through the Ping Tree to be processed, bidded on, sold, and transferred to the advertiser or lead buyer.

What are Ping Post Calls?

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Ping Post Calls describes the process of real-time call bidding and lead acquisition. With Phonexa’s Ping Post Calls 2.0 feature, we allow publishers and buyers to work directly together with a new approach to how they purchase and sell ping post leads. With this updated integration, Phonexa helps publishers bid into the lead journey on only the best call data attributes, all while ensuring that the publisher maximizes their profits from every single lead. Learn more here.

Who can use a Ping Tree?

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The Ping Tree is embedded in our Ping Post lead buying and selling activities and benefits all parties involved, from the consumer to the lead seller and the buyer. Publishers use Ping Post and thus Ping Tree to ensure that their leads get maximum exposure and visibility to interested buyers or advertisers. Buyers and advertisers use Ping Post and Ping Tree to get a more dynamic view of the leads targeted to purchase. Working in a Ping Tree setting allows these advertisers to have a more diverse lead flow, which ultimately gives them more flexibility to only purchase high-intent leads.

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