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Tracking leads has never been easier. Follow the customer journey and track publisher performance in real-time with Phonexa’s sales tracking software.

Manage Prospects and Capitalize on Leads With Lead Tracking Software

Want to take control of your sales funnel and efficiently track and manage your leads to close deals in less time? Phonexa’s lead tracker software allows you to increase your sales opportunities by delivering significant insights on metrics such as the quality and lifecycle of your leads. Learn more about how a lead tracker works.

Features of Sales Tracking Software

Performance Summary

Features of Sales Tracking Software

Bring in more high-quality leads and see where all your traffic comes from and where it goes by using Performance Summary. Understand your campaign effectiveness by looking at your duplicate lead percentage or number of sold leads.

Features of Sales Tracking Software

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LMS Sync Dashboard

View What Matters

The customizable dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of key performance indicators most relevant to your business. View your top publishers, top lead sources, and the total earnings per buyer.

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Practice Precision Marketing

Lead Details

Practice Precision Marketing

Zero in on relevant data sets or track leads and unique customer journeys using Lead Details. Find out where each lead came from, when you acquired it, and which buyer it matched with.

Practice Precision Marketing
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Sales Lead Tracking Software FAQs

What does lead tracker software do?

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Tracking leads implies finding the marketing attribution for inbound quality leads by following a given lead journey. It allows users to clearly and measurably connect leads to the company’s marketing efforts.

A lead tracker shows marketers which initiatives and materials prospects interacted with, be it from web searching, social media, banner ads, or even offline marketing like bus ads or billboards. Phonexa’s lead tracking system allows businesses to organize and track their inbound leads from multiple sources to gain insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns.

How does sales lead tracking help businesses with customer tracking?

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Lead tracking systems are essential for ensuring company revenue goals are met by measuring the return on investment for marketing spend. Lead tracking software allows companies to track the customer journey, drawing a direct line from the customer’s first interaction with the marketing campaign to the distribution and conversion of the lead.

The action of tracking sales leads provides a valuable perspective on the entire lead journey, from a “big picture” level down to specific details for individual leads. These details are easy to review with a customer tracking system and real-time reports as part of the lead tracking system.

What should you look for in sales leads tracking software?

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Businesses have much to gain with the right lead management solutions. For that reason, brands must look for the best lead management system to help create the right strategies and identify underserved business needs. Businesses equipped with an appropriate lead tracking system can use a variety of sales tracking tools and features to assess the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Key features that should come with your lead tracking software include lead analytics, predictive modeling, real-time reporting, URL tracking, and filter controls. These lead management tools allow sales and marketing teams to parse through critical data and clearly understand what impacts leads from first impressions to conversion. These features, and many others, are available with LMS Sync, Phonexa’s solution for sales lead tracking and distribution.

What industries benefit from using a lead tracker?

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Any business looking to measure its marketing performance and follow the lead journey benefits from using lead tracking solutions. No matter the industry, customer tracking software offers tremendous value. Marketers tracking insurance leads and prospects from financial services or small businesses also benefit from the insights available from lead management with Phonexa’s automation software.

What is the best software for sales lead tracking?

When looking for the best sales lead tracking software, choose one with automated tracking and management capabilities that are also part of a multi-channel platform to measure all your marketing efforts. Phonexa offers tools to manage the lead capture process, including lead tracking, distribution, and analytics integrated into other marketing tracking software and solutions for call tracking, accounting, link tracking, email marketing, and more.

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What is the difference between a lead tracking system and CRM software?

A lead tracking system and CRM software often go hand-in-hand to provide complete visibility and management of customer data. CRMs manage a company’s customer base and increase customer retention. Solutions for sales lead tracking focus on capturing high-quality leads, storing, tracking, filtering, and segmenting.

Why is sales lead management important for businesses?

Without lead tracking software, businesses often fail to improve their lead generation campaigns and, as a result, waste valuable resources on low-quality leads and low-intent buyers. Brands looking to reach wider audiences, bring in more prospects, and streamline lead generation efforts must implement comprehensive marketing automation solutions.

Phonexa’s all-in-one suite for marketing automation empowers companies to optimize web, call, email, and SMS campaigns, all while having the ability to track sales leads and enhance the customer journey every step of the way.

How can brands benefit from implementing lead management and tracking software?

Lead management is a set of processes and practices geared toward generating, acquiring, and managing new prospective clients. It is often confused with lead nurturing, which is the part of lead management typically executed towards the end of the process.

Companies not equipped with the appropriate lead tracking system risk missing out on quality leads and losing sales opportunities. In contrast, brands that implement specific tools and solutions to manage leads do not waste time pursuing low-intent prospects and significantly benefit from visibility into the qualification process and lead duplications.

Phonexa’s lead tracker and management system empower businesses to:

  • Capture and organize lead information
  • Map out customer journeys and track interactions
  • Visualize and fine-tune marketing and sales funnels
  • Access robust real-time reports
  • Acquire the attribution for all inbound web and call leads
  • Build more efficient workflows
  • Align and streamline sales, marketing, and customer service operations

How To Visualize Your Sales Pipeline With Lead Tracking Solutions

Brands utilizing a sales lead tracker can monitor and analyze every aspect of their sales process, make more informed decisions, and recalibrate their marketing and sales strategies.

Here are some of the benefits a lead tracker offers to companies:

  • Capturing and tracking prospects
  • Visualizing the sales pipeline
  • Identifying trends and blindspots
  • Generating reports in real-time
  • Digesting growth potential and expanding campaigns

A sales lead tracker serves as a magnifying glass for any business looking to gain actionable insights into the efforts that work or need more attention. It also helps brands gain a better perspective on their sales teams' performance and empower their overall sales tracking capabilities.

How a Sales Leads Tracker Can Help Brands Personalize Their Outreach

One of the primary objectives for businesses is to establish the actual value of leads. A lead tracker can shed light on prospects that offer the most value and deserve more focus. While most business decisions are based on insights and captured data, brands still struggle with sourcing and using data across different aspects of the lead journey.

Here’s how utilizing a sales tracking tool can help businesses looking to personalize their outreach and expand their customer base.

Get Granular With Access To Lead Details

Get access to every detail about a prospective client in a single profile by reviewing information on every touchpoint, such as email opens, page visits, and more. Integrate all the touchpoints across sales and marketing and get a clear view of the prospect’s personal history to improve your lead follow-up system.

Capitalize on Automated Scoring and Prioritization

Implement an all-in-one marketing automation software to create custom scoring criteria automatically, identify qualified leads, set up workflows, and leverage predictive modeling.

Why Small Businesses Need to Track Sales Leads

Small businesses typically have small budgets. Therefore, finding a solution for their industry and customer interests can be challenging. Many companies focus on personal contact with clients, often lacking tools and solutions to manage their top-performing marketing channels and track prospects and referrals. With the right sales lead tracker software, large and small businesses can benefit from robust integration options, efficient pipeline management, growth opportunities, and refined targeting.

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