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Track the customer journey and publisher performance in real time with lead tracking software.

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Earn More From Your Leads with Lead Tracking Software

Lead tracking allows you to increase your revenue opportunities by giving greater insights into metrics like the quality and life-cycle of your leads.

Follow Your Leads

Performance Summary

See where all your lead traffic is coming from and where it is going by using Performance Summary. Understand your campaign effectiveness by looking at your duplicate lead percentage or how many leads were sold.

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LMS SYNC Dashboard

The customizable dashboard gives you a window into the key performance indicators that are most relevant to your business. View your top publishers, top publisher sources, and the total earnings per buyer.

Practice Precision Marketing

Lead Details

Zero in on relevant data sets or track unique customer journeys using Lead Details with lead tracking systems. Find out where each lead came from, when you acquired it, and which buyer matched with it.

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Every solution Phonexa offers is enough to help companies grow, but when used together in one marketing suite they can push your business to new heights.

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Lead Tracking Software FAQs

What is lead tracking?

Lead tracking is the process of finding the marketing attribution for inbound leads by following the lead journey. The process connects leads to company marketing efforts in a clear and measurable way. A lead tracker shows marketers which initiatives and materials prospects interacted with, be it from web searching, social media, banner ads, or even offline marketing like bus ads or billboards. Lead tracking software allows businesses to organize and track their inbound leads from multiple sources in order to gain insights on the effectiveness of their campaigns.

How does lead tracking help businesses with customer tracking?

Lead tracking systems play an essential role in ensuring that company revenue goals are met by measuring the return on investment for marketing work. Lead tracking allows companies to track the customer journey, drawing a direct line from their first interaction with the marketing campaign to the distribution and conversion of the lead.

Lead tracking gives valuable perspective to the entire lead journey, from a “big picture” level down to specific details for individual leads. These details are easy to review with real-time reports with sales lead tracking as part of lead tracking software.

What should you look for in a lead tracking software solution?

Businesses have much to gain with a lead tracking solution: it is important to find the right lead tracking software. Equipped with lead tracking software, businesses are able use a variety of tools and features to view the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

A couple of key features that should come with your lead tracking software include lead analytics, predictive modeling, real-time reporting, URL tracking, and filter controls. All of these tools allow you and your team to parse through critical data and understand precisely what is impacting leads from first impression to conversion. All of these features, and many more, are available with Phonexa’s solution for lead tracking—LMS SYNC.

What industries benefit from using lead tracking?

Any business that is looking to measure their marketing performance and follow the lead journey is in a position to get value from lead tracking software. No matter the industry, customer tracking can offer tremendous value. Marketers tracking insurance leads, or leads from financial services can also benefit from the insights available from lead tracking.

What is the best software for sales lead tracking?

When looking for the best lead tracking software, choose one with automated tracking and detailed lead management capabilities that is also part of a multi-channel platform to measure all your marketing efforts. Phonexa offers tools for lead tracking that are integrated into other solutions for call tracking, link tracking, email marketing, and more.

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