Lead Tracking Software

Get an eagle’s eye view of your customer journey with our robust lead tracking system.

Efficiently Manage Your Prospects with Our Lead Tracking Software

LMS SYNC’s powerful sales lead tracker enables users to stay organized and gain full insight into their lead lifecycles. All aspects of the leads’ click patterns, engagement behavior, sales status, and overall quality are reported in real-time so users can determine how to best regulate and distribute their leads.

  • Identify Quality Leads: Lead generators can track the quality of each lead by their level of interest, engagement rates, and position in the sales process to nurture these teetering leads into conversions.
  • Optimize the Customer Journey: LMS SYNC provides real-time reports to help you track lead activities in detail, giving you the power to optimize every aspect of your customer journey for higher conversions.
  • Gain Long-Term Clients: The entire scope of the customer journey is in your hands. Establish a loyal customer case by creating high-impact, personalized campaigns with the granular lead details provided by our lead tracking system.

Want to take control of your sales funnel and efficiently track your leads to close sales deals in less time?

How Lead Tracking Software Works

Lead tracking software filters prospective customers based on a series of requirements. The requirements may include age range, income level, location, interests, and other demographics.

Depending on your requirements, sorted leads then enter the qualification phase, where they are segmented and sent to the next step. The leads then enter the scoring stage, where they are ranked depending on their likelihood of taking the action you want. Then, sales reps can monitor lead performance through sales tracking.

Features of Our Lead Tracking Software

Automated Capturing Icon

Automated Capturing

Automatically collect lead data from various channels throughout the marketing campaigns.

Intuitive Routing Icon

Intuitive Routing

Automatically categorize and assign leads to specific sales reps, depending on the current settings.

Lead Interaction and Tracking Icon

Lead Interaction and Tracking

Helps sales reps track and monitor previous lead interactions and act accordingly to nurture them.

Data Analysis Icon

Data Analysis

Get in-depth analysis of your marketing efforts as well as insight into the quality and viability of leads.

Advanced Security Mechanisms Icon

Advanced Security Mechanisms

Cutting-edge security that protects personal information sourced from leads.

Real-Time Lead Interaction Reports Icon

Real-Time Lead Interaction Reports

Gain an edge through real-time reports and discover vital patterns and trends throughout the marketing process.

Ready to take your sales process to the next level and boost ROI through our advanced sales lead tracking software?


What Is Lead Tracking System?

A website lead tracking system is simply a software that provides end-to-end lead management in one central point. The lead tracker helps in identifying the source of leads and determining the stage they are in on your sales and marketing funnels. The system also makes it easier for marketers to interact with prospects and close sales.

How Do You Monitor Potential Sales Leads?

A simple lead tracking software solution captures prospects from your website, sales funnels, or other avenues. The software then records the lead details and captures engagement stats. Additionally, the software categorizes the leads depending on where they are coming from and their likelihood to buy.

This process is automated all through the lifecycle of a lead. Therefore, you can easily monitor your lead sources and uncover the marketing efforts that convert leads into potential buyers, resulting in the best return on investment (ROI).

Who Needs to Use Lead Tracking Software?

Sales lead software is a vital component in today’s online marketing. The software offers fast solutions and simplifies tedious lead interaction tasks that are necessary in today’s competitive business environment.

Insurance agencies, lending and mortgage businesses, healthcare, home services, and other organizations that are looking to effectively track and manage their sales leads need to use lead tracking solutions.

What Is the Best Software for Sales Lead Tracking?

When looking for the best lead tracking software, choose one with automated tracking and detailed lead management capabilities, along with data that will help you optimize your campaigns. Phonexa has these features, and more, that will enable you to have complete control of your lead tracking efforts.

Looking for powerful lead tracking software to easily track and grow your sales pipeline?