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Selling Affiliate Marketing Internally: Strategies & Insights
Phonexa CMO Talar Malakian and Jessica Robinson, Founder of Affiliate Marketing Partners, make the case for investing in...
5 minute read
Demystifying Strategies for Call Tracking & Leadgen Management
Delve deep into the strategies, trends, and technological advancements currently propelling the pay-per-call industry forward.
7 minute read
How Affiliate Marketers Need To Consider New Niches
These insights serve as a roadmap for newcomers and seasoned affiliates alike to navigate the intricacies of affiliate marketing...
6 minute read
How to Scale Lead Generation Across Calls by Automating &...
Learn how to implementing an AI-driven text-first strategy reshapes outbound call outreach and creates an inbound-style...
6 minute read
Essential Insights for Achieving Affiliate Success & Building...
Affiliate marketing success hinges not only on the strength of your product or service but also on the quality of partnerships...
6 minute read
Insights and Strategies for Navigating the Pay Per Lead Maze
The latest installment of Phonexa's Amplify webinar series is a performance marketing masterclass aimed at helping affiliates...
6 minute read
How to Master Demand Generation by Uncovering the Buyer’s...
Harnessing the power of review sites has become a crucial element for businesses navigating the buyer's journey. 
5 minute read
How To Master Global Affiliate Payment Strategies
Phonexa CMO Talar Malakian led a discussion with Svendsen to tap into his wealth of experience and profound expertise by...
4 minute read
Unveiling the Secrets To Lead and Call Verification
Discover how to safeguard your marketing budget from low-quality leads and digital ad fraud.
5 minute read
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