12 Clever Ways to Get Insurance Leads

Victoria Berezhetska
Content Lead
20 minute read
Victoria Berezhetska
Content Lead
20 minute read

Lead generation is always top of mind for brands, agencies, and those supplying insurance leads companies. Whether you are new to the industry and just starting as an insurance agent or an established agency looking to fuel its sustained success, getting quality insurance leads and understanding how to generate leads for insurance sales are essential to the success of your business.

There’s no denying that lead generation is critical to any industry or vertical, whether you own a small business, sell cars, offer healthcare services, or generate life insurance leads. The latter poses many challenges, given that lead generation in insurance requires extensive practical knowledge.

Agents and vendors, in particular, can make the most of various techniques designed to boost lead conversion and bring in more leads for insurance sales.

Naturally, getting the leads you need without spending a small fortune can be challenging for insurance professionals. But using creative insurance lead generation ideas and implementing several well-known strategies can help insurance companies achieve their mission.

This article will examine how agents, vendors, and insurance brands can leverage the best insurance lead generation practices and increase the flow of high-quality insurance leads online.

Identifying Ways To Generate Leads

Finding insurance leads and creating a brand-new client base might not be your area of expertise. After all, insurance professionals have a lot to take care of, including network development, establishing new partnerships, optimizing digital marketing efforts, and managing referral groups.

Besides these responsibilities, they must adopt innovative insurance lead generation techniques and look for reputable insurance lead vendors. However, the question of how to get insurance leads regularly and bring in more quality prospects remains relevant even for the top-performing agents, insurance carriers, and insurance leadgen companies.

While there are many ways to get insurance leads and leverage insurance lead generation services, most marketers and other insurance professionals resort to methods such as maintaining a personal touch when reaching out to prospects, launching paid ads, implementing the best lead nurturing strategies, and making the most of offline networking.

But approaches and techniques may vary regarding lead generation for life insurance. Different methods work for carriers and insurance lead generation companies depending on their knowledge, experience, local market, and sales style.

How To Get Life Insurance Leads

One of the most complex parts of insurance lead generation is knowing and understanding the types of insurance inside and out. Otherwise, agents and carriers cannot offer clarity to consumers and explain the product nuances to prospective clients.

Today, understanding how to get leads as an insurance agent is more important than ever. Since most life insurance sales are moving online, marketers and insurance professionals must fight for a place to align their efforts with company initiatives and successfully generate life insurance leads.

Around five years ago, the life insurance market was notably saturated with offers and agents competing for the target audience’s attention. Over the last couple of years, most carriers had to demonstrate the strength and flexibility required to overcome the pandemic. The approaching economic fallout poses new challenges and numerous hurdles, including loss costs and rising inflation and interest rates.

Therefore, getting in front of qualified prospects before competitors do is the primary objective for every professional dealing with life insurance lead generation.

Some agents resort to buying both exclusive leads, live transfer calls, and shared insurance leads. Ultimately, every insurance professional has a so-called menu of insurance leads with different choices and prices.

But the question remains, what is the best way to generate life insurance leads?

Here are several tips on how to get life insurance leads for carriers, agents, and insurance leadgen companies:

  • Make your website an excellent insurance leadgen tool: Create or enable features that will help you generate life insurance leads, like contact forms, contact information, “Get a Quote” buttons and testimonials that enhance your brand’s credibility.
  • Launch a referral program to get more leads for insurance sales: Every client can be an insurance lead generator. Encourage your customers to share their experiences with their networks and offer them incentives for generating life insurance leads.
  • Work with companies that offer insurance sales leads: There’s no denying that buying and selling leads can be tricky. But finding the companies that provide high-quality insurance lead services and deliver high-intent audiences more likely to convert can save you time and money.
  • Create an in-house program or partner with the brand that runs insurance leads affiliate programs: Companies like Allstate run affiliate programs to make the most of online insurance lead generation and enable other businesses to get more recognition and become more profitable.
  • Show off your experience in the life insurance industry: Establish a reputation as a committed community member by advising local charities on life insurance purchases, hosting seminars and meetups, and offering assistance to prospective clients when appropriate.

As mentioned before, purchasing leads is not a one-size-fits-all approach. But if you’re a rookie insurance agent with shaky sales skills, it can be handy to leverage lead flipping and get third-party insurance agency leads.

How To Purchase Insurance Leads

Agents who are still getting their footing and well-known carriers can struggle to bring in quality prospects regularly. That’s why businesses often resort to buying customer information directly from insurance lead vendors.

The bottom line is that you must purchase information from a reliable insurance lead generation company. In this case, your goal as a business owner, agent, or marketer is to get insurance leads that were generated through the right strategies.

However, purchasing shared insurance leads instead of exclusive ones has its disadvantages. For instance, if you’re not successful at being the first to reach out to a prospect or you fail to maintain a personal touch, expensive but exclusive lead info can be worth the price.

Working with lead suppliers, aggregators, and brokers is often underestimated. These companies find prospects in various ways, including paid ads and social media campaigns.

Let’s examine how to get insurance leads from third parties in more detail.

How To Get Leads for Insurance Business From Third Parties
Step 1 Assess your expectations: If your company is using third-party insurance lead services for the first time, it’s crucial to have realistic expectations and realize that not all purchased leads will convert.
Step 2 Set up a budget: The most critical step is to ensure you detail how much your company is willing to spend on third-party insurance leads service.
Step 3 Evaluate and compare insurance lead generation companies: Whether you’re looking for car, health, home, travel, life, or jewelry insurance lead generation companies, it’s essential to compare the services, prices, software, and the results different providers offer.
Step 4 Remember that a new business starts small: There is no need to go all out, especially if it’s your first time buying insurance leads for agents. Tread carefully and start small to assess the service and achieve the desired marketing results.
Step 5 Implement the lead tracking solution: Tracking leads and marketing results is crucial for the success of any business. It allows brands to run a cost-benefit analysis, zero in on relevant data, and close more sales deals in less time.


On top of that, brands equipped with the right marketing automation solution that includes a ping tree service can take control of their organic call and web leads and distribute them effectively. Phonexa’s ping tree technology allows for setting price points and distributing leads to a network of buyers.

Here’s what Phonexa’s ping tree technology offers to insurance lead buyers and sellers:

  • Gain control over online insurance leads: The ping tree technology eliminates traditional barriers and ensures a more efficient lead distribution process. Set your price and choose the final destination for your declined web and call leads.
  • Get higher revenue per insurance lead: If you’re looking to sell organically generated internet leads for insurance, the ping tree service provides a more competitive marketplace that improves your chances of getting connected with high-intent parties.
  • Leverage the purchasing power: Ping tree enables lead buyers to have greater control over the process. Apart from the ability to buy insurance leads, you can be selective with sellers and pay according to the lead’s value to your business.
  • Enjoy the flexibility: Buyers can optimize their lead acquisition costs, manage their budget, and enjoy the flexibility of the ping tree service.

Seasoned professionals and rookie marketers alike are often looking to generate insurance leads independently without needing to pay for third-party expertise, services, and internet insurance leads. Since insurance lead generation is demanding and complex, it requires a significant investment of time, money, effort, and energy.

If you’re looking for ways to get your B2C or B2B insurance leads, read on to learn more about where to get insurance leads and the strategies to increase sales in insurance.

Here are 12 clever ways you can get insurance leads online:

1. Make Video Content

People looking for insurance typically wish to get it done quickly. That’s one of the reasons why they use their devices to look for helpful and valuable information online. Those looking for suitable coverage and reputable carriers or agents turn to different sources of information, including video content.

Overwhelming evidence suggests that video content is excellent for driving quality traffic and generating online insurance leads. According to a Wyzowl survey, 79% of consumers would rather watch a video than read to learn about a product or service. Regarding businesses that leverage video content, 81% said it helped increase sales.

Naturally, creating a niche video like a specific coverage review or a customer’s story and testimonial can help you attract leads for insurance sales. But it’s easier said than done since videos have to be informative, attention-grabbing, and not pushy.

For instance, many brands partner with influencer marketers or turn their clients into brand ambassadors. This way, they ensure that the marketing messages and content their partners use to market prospects are as effective as they are appealing.

Whether you’re looking to leverage auto, life, home, or health insurance leads generation, video content is a surefire way to generate leads for insurance sales. Chances are, when you hear about video marketing, you think first and foremost of YouTube. But today, TikTok is responsible for viral most products and brands, and the insurance industry is no exception.

Here are several examples of TikTok videos that target different audiences:

Example #1. A TikTok ad targeting prospects looking for car insurance


#Ad Don’t take risks, get temporary insurance with @Cuvva #carreview #cars #carsoftiktok #carinsurance

♬ original sound – Auto Social UK

Example #2. A TikTok ad demonstrating one of the most practical life insurance lead generation ideas


Life Lessons for my sons – one about life insurance (yes, we need to talk about it). Get an online quote in under 1 min (12 min total). #ad #iwyze

♬ original sound – Terence Mentor

Example #3. A TikTok ad targeting prospects looking for pet medical insurance

Video content that performs well in web searches, answers complex insurance questions, and serves as sharable content that defines your brand is the content you need to make the most of insurance lead generation marketing. With so many advantages, creating several informative and enticing videos to generate insurance leads is worth exploring.

2. Develop a Killer Blog

While blogging might not be the most revolutionary method to generate insurance leads, it remains one of the most effective ways to get insurance leads online. Therefore, your lead generation strategy should include thorough work on the company blog. At the very least, it implies creating quality blog content and using the best search engine optimization (SEO) practices to optimize it.

You can reap many benefits when you write blog articles that inform, enlighten, and entertain readers.

Firstly, you can improve your rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs), which will drive more traffic to your site. You also burnish your brand by becoming a resource to customers looking to learn more about insurance.

In doing this, your brand becomes associated with expertise and unique content, which can help generate more online insurance leads. All these benefits are just from cultivating an engaging blog on your website!

3. Use a Lead Magnet

The end goal of any commercial insurance leads generation effort is to obtain the contact information of your target audiences. Whether the target action is a purchase, an email opt-in, an inbound call, or a personal visit, the target action will be successful if the prospect follows the conversion journey.

So how do carriers and agencies get the best leads for insurance agents? One of the many practical approaches is creating lead magnets.

A lead magnet is similar to creating a traffic-generating blog, though instead, you focus on building one precious asset — like a white paper, eBook, or exclusive webinar session. The other significant difference is that a lead magnet is often an example of gated content.

Unlike your blog, which is easily viewable by anyone surfing the web, a lead magnet is a more highly sought-after document. It requires the reader to share information — usually an email address — so you can count anyone downloading it as a new insurance lead.

But remember that you’ll want to be selective with which content you decide to gate and use as a lead magnet. First and foremost, it should be unique enough to stimulate interest. Then, when you require an email address, you signify the importance of this particular piece of content.

Here’s what you need to focus on when creating lead magnets for specific lead generation insurance campaigns:

  • Provide a solution to a problem your prospects might be struggling with, like identifying insurance needs, understanding specific industry jargon, etc.
  • Ensure that the problem and solution relate to the products you’re marketing.
  • Remember that every lead magnet is the foundation of the sales funnel; therefore, it should impress and entice your marketing leads.
  • Offer value and always strive to exceed the expectations of your target audience to drive more insurance internet leads.
  • Offer insights and advice against purchasing specific packages when appropriate to boost your brand’s reliability and credibility.

4. Become a Thought Leader Online

Since we’re continuing to look at ways of creating niche content that offers you more lead gen opportunities and insights on generating insurance leads, another avenue worth highlighting is becoming an online thought leader.

That means sharing your expertise across other content platforms, such as answering questions on Quora, publishing articles via your LinkedIn account, or writing guest posts on other blogs.

To maximize your potential in conquering lead generation for insurance, you can use your guest posts or answers and link back to a lead magnet on your site. That will help you cultivate more social insurance leads while engaging people with relevant content.

5. Utilize Traditional Marketing and Track Leads

Another effective and popular method for generating insurance leads is focusing on traditional marketing techniques, like launching Google Ads, creating banner ads, or even taking out print advertisements in local publications.

These methods require more funds and result in various target actions, including personal visits and calls. But if you use a lead tracking platform, you can see your lead generation efforts and respective costs.

As a business owner or marketing expert, you know that a brand’s growth and success depend on a steady stream of leads. But there’s a catch: every company must understand how to manage insurance leads to make the most of them.

The right solution for insurance lead management can help you foster business growth. Phonexa’s LMS Sync – lead management and distribution system – enables businesses to tap into the lead data, identify the top-performing traffic channels, boost conversion rate, and enhance insurance sales lead management.

Brands equipped with the right lead tracking solution can measure their return on investment (ROI), optimize their digital output, and open up new revenue streams. On top of that, they can dive into advanced metrics, make changes to their marketing campaigns, and consistently refine their ROI.

6. Amplify Your Voice on Social Media

Social media remains a powerful tool for enhancing your brand and generating insurance leads. Regarding social media marketing (SMM), carriers, agents, and agencies must ensure that the brands they represent are well-positioned across all relevant platforms.

It’s no secret that insurance agents have to pay a significant portion of their attention to their social media activities. First, it is a great way to market sales, offer tips, and inform and communicate with existing clients. Second, it is an effective tool that helps engage and attract prospects.

Here’s how agents can use SMM across different platforms to master generating leads in insurance.



Source: NYB Creative


It’s worth mentioning that SMM goes beyond establishing new connections and sharing helpful content. Businesses need to think strategically about using it to connect and partner with influencers.

Developing such relationships is a slow and steady approach to growing your audience, demonstrating the brand’s authority, establishing your thought leadership, and driving high-quality insurance agent leads. In a nutshell, influencers and brand ambassadors can become trustworthy insurance lead generators for your business.

If you want to add SMM to your marketing mix, start by sharing unique content and promoting your brands. Also, make sure to engage your audience by contributing to the group or hashtagged conversations and replying if followers ever comment on your posts.

Ultimately, the most significant benefit of social media is that it allows you to converse with clients and prospects. Make sure you are contributing in a valuable way to discussions that matter to people, and you’ll be able to drive more insurance leads and boost conversion rates.

7. Leverage Email Marketing

Email marketing is a simple way to maintain regular, omnichannel communication with prospects and clients and establish long-term relations with them. Let’s examine in more detail the following actionable email marketing tips for insurance leads.

Email List Optimization

Insurance agencies and carriers have email subscriber lists. Optimizing these lists, improving deliverability, and recalibrating email marketing strategies allow businesses to drive more inbox performance and avoid mistakes in future email campaigns.

Suppose you’re looking to leverage email marketing to bring in small business insurance leads and other types of prospects, increase engagement, and boost earnings. In that case, Phonexa’s E-Delivery can help you achieve the mission. Brands equipped with this solution can refine, manage, and cultivate email lists, measure deliverability, create split tests, and much more.

Build Email Sequences

Email sequences allow insurance businesses to engage and nurture leads effectively. Building and using a series of emails is the ability to create a logical progression of interaction with consumers that guides them to where you want them to go.

For instance, if you’re planning a new insurance product launch, you need to connect with clients and demonstrate what you’ve built, why they need it, and how it helps them solve their problems.

Let’s look at the essential components of a standard product launch email:

  • The name, the purpose, and the story behind a product
  • Who can benefit from the product, and how clients can try it
  • Product benefits
  • Clear CTA (preferably used twice)

Here’s an example of a product launch email featuring a real-life insurance product called PB Platinum Health Pass.

PolicyBazaar Insurance Email Example


Source: SendX


Building email sequences is impossible without implementing an automation solution. Since such emails are automatically triggered by email software, it’s crucial to choose the right solution to automate most marketing processes, not only email marketing.

Personalize and Automate Email Flows

Insurance companies and agencies have prospects consistently coming to their insurance lead generation websites. Apart from collecting their information and retargeting or nurturing prospects through emails, it’s essential to personalize marketing messages and automate email flows.

Personalized email content allows for improving engagement levels, improving conversions, and increasing customer retention. With the right marketing automation solution, insurance businesses can collect critical data, turn more leads into customers, and deliver relevant and valuable content at the right time.

8. Get Customer Referrals

It’s not uncommon for insurance businesses to ask clients to refer them to others if they are satisfied with their products or insurance lead services.

A referral program, otherwise known as a word-of-mouth marketing strategy, provides the maximum benefit to businesses and customers. Since it is a free ad inspired by rich experience, many companies offer incentives for every referral to motivate and entice their clients.

Whether you offer online quotes, insurance products, or services like lead generation for insurance companies, encouraging and getting customer referrals can be worth the effort. For instance, it can help you become a part of the community, build relationships with qualified prospects, and better understand how to find insurance leads in the oversaturated digital market.

9. Get Listed on Reputable Review Sites

People looking for insurance often use third-party websites to compare prices and policy benefits. For that reason, businesses must identify the popular resources that can help them promote their business and make the most of every high-quality insurance lead online.

Here’s how you can benefit from getting listed on the review websites:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Influence purchasing decisions
  • Gain customer trust
  • Request feedback and leverage testimonials
  • Monitor consumer brand sentiment and improve it
  • Implement clever lead generation ideas to build your review profile and grow your business

10. Host Webinars

Is hosting webinars helpful in terms of driving insurance leads online? As an insurance professional, you must consider creating informative and engaging webinars to prompt your audience to subscribe to your social media account and email newsletters and identify your content as helpful and valuable.

Every insurance industry professional is constantly looking for the best way to get insurance leads. A webinar can prove to be an effective tool and have an immediate impact on your insurance lead generation.

Remember when recording or hosting live webinars that the content and marketing messages you deliver cannot sound pushy. The end goals of this activity are to establish effective external communication, build your brand image, gather feedback, and learn more about your audience’s needs.

11. Have Excellent Customer Support

An insurance company’s profit significantly depends on the quality of customer service. If you can’t be of much help to clients when handling a call or during a sales process, there will be no long-term business growth or customer retention.

The latter is crucial to carriers and brands since bringing in new clients and retaining the existing ones is always a work in progress. The minute you ignore it, you fail to keep your customers.

AI-powered care — the latest addition to the customer service standard — is an opportunity for businesses to improve customer and employee experiences. For instance, virtual assistants can learn from human-agent interactions, store this knowledge, and make specific product recommendations based on the customer profile.

Let’s look at how AI can enhance operational efficiency for insurance companies and elevate customer experiences.

AccentureBlog AI Use ases Along Insurance Value Chain


Source: Accenture

Ultimately, insurance professionals must use data analytics and leverage marketing automation solutions to personalize communication, offer customers specific insurance quotes in a matter of minutes, and take their lead generation insurance marketing to another level.

12. Generate Insurance Leads With LinkedIn Marketing

More than 57 million companies and 800 million professionals use LinkedIn regularly. While the primary purposes of creating a LinkedIn profile are to find places hiring near you and connect with other industry professionals, and succeed in your career, the platform also offers numerous opportunities to acquire new leads and customers.

Apart from making a robust profile and sharing valuable content, the platform also offers lead gen forms. LinkedIn states that these forms convert customers at a 5X higher rate than standard landing pages.

It’s no secret that this platform is one of the principal channels B2B buyers read and research when looking for specific services, including internet leads insurance offerings.

Besides, it is an excellent source of a high-quality audience with mainly frictionless engagement. For that reason, most insurance professionals seek to grow their accounts and leverage the platform’s insurance lead gen capabilities.

Take a Product Tour to discover how Phonexa’s LMS Sync and E-Delivery can help you generate B2C and B2B insurance leads and optimize your marketing efforts. Book a demo with one of our experts to build your plan today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are insurance leads?

Insurance leads are prospective clients — businesses or people — interested in partnering or receiving quotes for specific insurance products and services.

How do insurance agents get leads?

Insurance agents use various tactics and techniques to bring in insurance leads, including lead magnets, referral programs, networking, SEO, social media marketing, and blogging.

What is the best way to get leads for insurance?

There is no one-size-fits-all advice on how to get leads for insurance sales. Marketers and insurance professionals typically use a mix of the following methods:


  • Influencer marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Blogging and guest posting
  • Webinars and gated content
  • Social media marketing
  • Referral programs
  • Affiliate marketing
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