Dynamic Call Tracking: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Victoria Berezhetska
Content Lead
10 minute read
Victoria Berezhetska
Content Lead
10 minute read

Phone calls are an essential metric for measuring the success of digital marketing efforts. If you have implemented various marketing strategies for your business, you’re almost certainly generating plenty of leads. However, you might be missing out on data that would help you generate more.

Many companies run into roadblocks caused by the inefficiency of business processes, lack of insights and customer data, low productivity, and misunderstanding finances. On top of that, brands often struggle to identify the sources of inbound leads, making measuring their marketing efforts nearly impossible.

Understanding which digital channels and interactions bring in the most inbound calls and leads is crucial for measuring the success of your ad campaigns and optimizing ROI. That is when phone lead tracking and dynamic phone number insertion (DNI) come into play. This article will examine how call tracking works, how brands use it to track PPC calls, and how dynamic call tracking can transform your business.

What Is Dynamic Call Tracking?

Dynamic call tracking is a tracking technology that allows companies to determine which marketing campaigns generate quality leads. That is achieved by displaying tracking phone numbers for advertising purposes. These numbers are assigned to specific online campaigns and audiences across different regions.

Generating leads is exciting but knowing where they come from is even more critical. With the right call tracking software, brands can identify the call and lead sources and ramp up their campaigns for an even better ROI from their digital marketing spend.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Regular or international phone tracking works when an individual or a company utilizes call tracking software, which gives detailed attribution for all inbound call traffic and helps you measure the success of your marketing channels, all while boosting your revenue. Based on dynamic phone number insertion, call tracking is designed to deliver detailed data using the following methods:

  • Campaign-level dynamic call tracking: It requires purchasing a pool of trackable phone numbers and then assigning each number to a specific ad campaign. This method applies to online and offline campaigns.
  • Visitor-level call tracking: This method allows tracking every marketing source that directs consumers to your website using a single set of phone numbers that change with each new visitor.
  • Source-level call tracking: For source-level call tracking, brands must have a new trackable phone number for each campaign source, like Google PPC ads, online or offline magazines, or billboards. When customers dial those call tracking numbers, a company sees the source that referred them.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to look for the appropriate PPC call tracking software. Why is that? By assigning dynamic phone numbers to website visitors, PPC call tracking lets marketers see more clearly how their efforts affect the bottom line and prove that their paid advertising generates new inbound leads.

However, with a marketing automation solution, businesses can demonstrate that their PPC call tracking efforts drive revenue.

Small businesses and enterprises can ultimately use a call tracking system to demonstrate which digital channels, campaigns, ad units, and keywords drive the most inbound calls. It can also help to get more clarity on a company’s marketing ROI and ROAS.

How Does Call Tracking Software Work?

Dynamic call tracking technology utilizes dynamic number insertion (DNI) to show different phone numbers to various audiences and campaigns. Through the help of this technology, marketers can quickly tell which campaigns are generating inbound calls.

This technology also allows tracking of the progress of marketing campaigns by showing defined DNI phone numbers on the landing pages of specific marketing campaigns.

Did you miss our article on B2B call tracking? Check it out here and learn how it can help your marketing and sales teams improve their performance.

Businesses looking to keep their campaign logic focused, create customizable call journeys, and make educated decisions, often use call tracking technology as part of a comprehensive marketing automation solution.

Brands equipped with Call Logic — Phonexa’s call intelligence platform —  make the most of its sophisticated features like call distribution, ping tree, dynamic phone number insertion, predictive modeling, and Ping Post Calls 2.0 — all designed to skyrocket conversions and refine call tracking initiatives.

Ping Post Calls 2.0 reinvents real-time distribution by helping buyers, publishers, and affiliate networks sell calls across all lead flows. It helps to bid on only the best call data attributes of dynamic and static campaigns while increasing real-time control over data and increasing publisher and buyer satisfaction.

High-quality call tracking services enable offline to online attribution, allowing accurate measurement of ROI, conversion, and retention rates. Marketing agencies and businesses use enterprise call tracking software to find the best leads and prospects and ensure that each of their marketing dollars can go further.

Since lead generation campaigns often encourage prospective clients to demonstrate their interest by calling a business, it’s also crucial for companies to use call tracking for lead generation.

By programming marketing phone numbers to associate online activities like clicks or page views with phone calls, marketers can see which interactions drive the most call traffic to their website, keywords that result in meaningful engagement, and conversations that result in conversions.

Let’s take a closer look at the five essential benefits of call tracking software for marketers and entrepreneurs.



#1. Learn how clients find you  

Rather than having your customer support or sales team look for answers, call tracking phone numbers can help you learn which medium or ad campaign brought in the most prospects. With that information in hand, the dedicated teams and agents will use it to their advantage when speaking with the leads.

#2. Make the most of consistent ROI reporting  

Every marketer wonders about the campaign’s ROI calculation accuracy if they don’t have the information about lead sources. With dynamic call tracking, marketing executives always have a clear picture of what ads prompted the calls, what keywords and landing pages perform best, and which campaigns generate the best ROI.

#3. Ensure effective resource allocation  

No business owner or marketing executive wishes to waste money on underperforming or failing campaigns. Therefore, online call tracking is the surefire way to determine where the company’s marketing dollars should be spent.

#4. Build and solidify customer relationships  

Besides dynamic phone numbers, phone call tracking software also includes features like call recording. Customer support and sales teams can use call recordings to go back and examine customer conversations. That way, they can find relevant information to deepen the connection with the target audience, establish trust, and build long-term relationships with clients.

#5. Enhance business management  

Every brand must face shortcomings to change and scale the business. With call tracking for digital marketing, brands can thoroughly evaluate how they operate and engage with their target audience. That will allow companies to identify improvement opportunities, discover the need for martech tools, and outline the steps needed to generate more revenue.

Now that we’ve established the importance of call tracking for marketers, let’s explore how to use dynamic number insertion for call campaigns.

What Is Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)?

A dynamic phone number insertion is a call tracking feature where a unique phone number is tied to each ad source to help marketers analyze offline client behaviors the same way they track online behavior through cookies.

How Does Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) Work?

The main task of DNI is to generate tracking numbers for every online lead source, like an online advertisement or a content piece that ranks high in SERP.

Depending on your ad campaign, you can display phone numbers that enable dynamic number tracking in search results, ads, or your website.

Dynamic phone number insertion is a simple concept at its core, and it implies associating  unique trackable phone numbers with an ad, campaign, or lead source. Any subsequent inbound calls to dynamic numbers are traced back to specific ads, campaigns, or lead sources.

Naturally, it works well if your company focuses only on several marketing channels and lead sources. However, today, most marketing experts operate on a larger scale, requiring a large pool of dynamic tracking numbers.

Let’s look at the example that will help you understand how DNI tracking works.

Imagine your focus is currently on source-level website call tracking. Then, when prospects click on your ad, they are redirected to your company website, where they can see a specific call tracking number. In this case, dynamic number swapping will ensure that the numbers will differ depending on the lead source.

The dynamic phone number tracking setup might sound like a technical process, but it is straightforward. It involves adding a JavaScript line on all your website pages and linking different phone numbers to sources of leads.

The JavaScript will identify the lead source/location and then show a predefined phone number to the visitor so you can easily track the campaigns that generate calls.

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) Benefits

Dynamic number insertion is the core of call tracking, so marketers need to install dynamic number insertion within their call tracking software or PBX to get the best results. Here are several benefits of a dynamic phone number insertion:

Establish a Local Presence With Local Call Tracking

DNI enables call tracking for local websites and allows you to display a local phone number for your business on any active online marketing campaigns.

For example, suppose you have offices in Washington D.C, Los Angeles, and Chicago and have specific ad groups or ad campaigns for those locations. In that case, you can display local phone numbers to visitors from different regions.

Increase Your Budget in Real-time

Managing an online marketing budget requires you to stay knowledgeable of your keywords and optimize them to improve your lead generation efforts.

You can track the impact of different paid search campaigns through dynamic phone number insertion to determine which ones generate the most leads.

Track Social Media Metrics

The main growth metrics in social media are likes and follows. Dynamic phone number insertion helps you get granular with social media marketing tracking by showing specific phone numbers across multiple campaigns.

Doing so will allow you to tell which social media campaigns positively impact your bottom line.

Utilize International Toll-free Numbers

If you are looking to reach prospects from different countries, you can use international phone tracking toll-free numbers to market your business. You will not have to tie every number to a specific lead source.

Instead, you can relate them to particular countries. Once finished, the JavaScript code will reveal the location of the leads, depending on their IP addresses, and display the correct number.

Wrapping Up

Dynamic phone number insertion helps you learn about your customers in detail – who they are, which online channels they came through, and what keywords they used.

Dynamic call tracking is a great way to optimize your marketing campaigns. It gives you valuable information about which campaigns drive more customers to your business and which do not show the desired results.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about how Phonexa’s Call Logic can help you leverage call tracking for business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dynamic phone number insertion?

It is a call tracking feature that enables dynamic phone number tracking. It helps to identify the sources or campaigns that bring in the most web and call leads.

What is dynamic marketing?

Dynamic marketing is a technique that employs user data to produce adaptable marketing decisions and initiatives. It frequently focuses on the user experience by reacting to shifting client preferences in the internet environment.

What is a DNI number?

DNI phone number connects online actions to inbound phone calls. It helps marketers determine which ad unit, source, or campaign brought the most traffic to their website.

What can you achieve with dynamic call tracking?

Dynamic call tracking is an excellent method for increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.  It provides crucial data regarding initiatives that bring more customers to your business and do not.

How do I use a call tracking service for marketing?

You can use call tracking for digital marketing in numerous ways, including the following:

  • Capture and utilize in-depth customer data
  • Empower marketing analysis based on call tracking metrics such as call duration, call history, geolocation, etc.
  • Manage allocation of business resources
  • Listen to call recordings and gain insights from customer interactions
  • Track keywords, identify the ones that result in inbound calls, and build your future call campaigns around them.


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