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Call Tracking and Distribution

The Definitive Guide To Call Tracking: How It Works & What Is Its Impact
From the very beginning, offline and online or digital marketing has been about creating human...
66 minute read
Setting up Call Tracking in Google Analytics to Convert More Calls
In this blog, we will learn how to create a call goal for tracking calls in Google Analytics, how to create a goal for first-time callers, and view your calls report.
19 minute read
What Is Multi-touch Attribution and Why Is It Important?
Multi-touch attribution provides data insights into every single touchpoint a brand has with its clients to identify which marketing campaigns perform best.
18 minute read
Spotlight on Calls: What Is a Google Call Forwarding Number?
Almost 75% of prospects call businesses directly from search ads. Learn how Google forwarding and call tracking can help you capture and attribute call traffic.
16 minute read

Phonexa’s Ping Post 2.0 delivers 376% ROI to Enterprise

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Why Insurance Companies Need Call Tracking Software
Calls are vital to the insurance industry. Find out exactly how call tracking software can be an indispensable tool.
18 minute read
How Call Tracking Improves the Value of Marketing Leads in Sales
Utilize phone tracking software that is helpful for sales growth to gain more insights into phone conversations and interactions with your customers.
5 minute read
How Digital Agencies Can Leverage a White Label Call Tracking Software
With white label call tracking solutions, businesses have an opportunity to practice more effective marketing and benefit with more revenue. Here’s how.
5 minute read
How to Prepare Your Inbound Calls for Conversions
Inbound calls are incredibly valuable. You can manage your prospects and optimize your efforts with call tracking and call analytics.
16 minute read
7 Reasons To Utilize Call Tracking For Lead Generation
When it comes to lead generation, it’s strongly linked with creating human connections and generating prospect calls.
6 minute read
8 Benefits Of Call Tracking For Small Businesses
If you’re a small business owner seeking to enhance your visibility and regain control over your calls, here are the benefits call tracking can offer.
7 minute read
How Location-based Call Tracking Works
Did you know how location-based call tracking works? It’s more complex than you may have thought.
12 minute read

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