Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

Improve your call flow and get only qualified lead calls with automatic call distribution. Phonexa’s Call Logic - Automatic Call Distributor System is packed with advanced multi-level IVR technology that can easily route phone calls, make automatic callbacks, and handle call traffic.

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What Is Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic Call Distributor is a call management feature of our Call Logic platform that redirects incoming calls to the appropriate recipients based on your callers’ demographics and IVR survey results.

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What Does an Automatic Call Distribution System Do?

  • Works hand-in-hand with our leading IVR
  • Data-driven, skill-based routing
  • Automatically routes calls based on caller demographics
  • Queues calls based on agent availability
  • Distributes calls based on filtration settings
  • Callback options
  • Call forwarding
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Are you ready to transform the way you approach your business calls and convert them into more leads?

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Features of Our Automated Call Distribution System

Personalizes the Call Experience

Our advanced IVR stops fraudulent calls and disconnects misdials, so only qualified calls will reach your agent. Having this powerful protective layer will save your company time and resources from servicing unqualified callers.

Accelerates the Call Process

The IVR offers self-servicing options, such as payments, account inquiries and selective information lookup to help you get the answers you need without having to wait for a representative.

Improves Call Flow

Since our advanced IVR speeds up the process by allowing customers to choose their own help options, more agents will be free to handle more complex inquiries. This, in turn, benefits both your business and your clients.

Easily Customizable

With the reports you'll receive from our self-service platform, you'll be able to make the necessary adjustments to boost your customer experience. You also have the option to conduct polls and surveys through the IVR to improve your marketing efforts.

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