Deliver an Elevated Customer Experience with an IVR System

Happy callers are more likely to convert. Use our interactive voice response to welcome callers and collect key information to speed up caller-representative conversations.

What can IVR software do for you?

Better Customer Service

Instead of being put on hold, callers are connected with an IVR right away. The IVR then delivers useful information to your call representative for an improved interaction with the caller.

Boost Call Capacity

An IVR can shorten the length of your caller conversations, so you can handle more calls overall and convert more callers each hour.

A Customized Brand Voice

Using Phonexa’s IVR constructor, you can choose from a variety of IVR voice professionals to represent your brand. Easily modify your IVR script or touch-tone options.

Your Optimized Funnel

Businesses can fine-tune their sales funnel by looking at their IVR journey and identifying any leaks. Even small IVR changes can have a major impact.

Fraud Protection

Get more quality call traffic by adding a protective layer with an IVR that stops fraud calls before they reach your call center.

Powerful alone. Better together.

Every solution Phonexa offers is enough to help companies grow, but when used together in one marketing suite they can push your business to new heights.

Interactive Voice Response FAQs

What Is an IVR software and how does it work?

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An IVR (interactive voice response) system greets callers with pre-recorded messages, then uses a caller’s voice or touch-tone responses to share information or direct them to the appropriate representative as part of an integrated voice response.

What are the benefits of an Interactive Voice Response Technology?

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The main benefit of an IVR is that it lets businesses improve the customer journey and gather useful information about the queries of those calling your business. The customer journey is helped by having callers be greeted with a voice reply system to engage them in conversation before being connected to an agent.

When a consumer is connected with an IVR, they are also prompted to share relevant information about themselves or the nature of their call. By gathering these details, an IVR gives businesses a clear profile of the consumer that can save time and be useful in the conversion process.

How does an IVR collect information?

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There are a variety of ways that an IVR collects relevant consumer information. By using an integrated voice response or touch-tone IVR polls, the interactive voice response system is able to get important and relevant details from inbound call consumers.

IVR voice menus should feature clear and simple questions to elicit responses from callers that can be useful during the customer journey. This process is often guided along by a professional IVR voice recording that greets the caller and uses voice reply to engage in a conversation.

What are the benefits of professional IVR voice recordings?

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There are many reasons to use professional IVR voice recordings. First and foremost is to highlight the tone and unique voice of your brand. A professional voice recording may be the first introduction that consumers have to your brand, making it an essential part of imprinting a good first impression.

Selecting a professional voice recording is important in establishing a sense of professionalism and authority from your brand. The right voice recording can also assuage customers on their journey and increase the likelihood of conversion.

How much does an IVR cost?

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IVR costs can range depending on which services you use, as well as the quality of the technology. With Phonexa, IVR is included as part of the Call Logic platform from the Phonexa marketing suite. Using Phonexa gets users access to all our solutions at a single inclusive price point, meaning that users can utilize the Phonexa interactive voice response at no additional cost.

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