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5 Reasons Why Your Calls Aren’t Converting

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5 minute read

Even as business owners and marketers, we’ve been on the other side of the phone call plenty of times to know what kind of customer service we want to receive. There are key elements that make or break every phone call, and few companies actually make time to list out each one. In this article, we’ll name the five reasons why your calls just aren’t reeling in the conversions you’ve been desperately seeking. With Phonexa as your personal guide, you can rest assured knowing that your calls will be in good hands. Let’s dive into it!

Reason #1: Inconsistent Online and Offline Experience

If your online presence looks immaculate, with multiple customer service options to impress your clients, but your call experience is incredibly tedious and inconvenient, you will turn your customers off by the abject inconsistency. Consistency is the key to building a trustworthy business and a great brand reputation.

Solution: Phonexa’s voice recognition feature, integrated with advanced call tracking, will do the trick. It’ll deliver fast results for your customers without the potential for human errors. With our state-of-the-art voice recognition feature, your customers will be serviced quickly and skillfully, matching your call experience with your online presence.

Reason #2: The Hold Time is Too Long

If the thought of being on hold for more than five minutes makes you feel inconvenienced and irritated, your callers will most likely feel the same. In fact, most Americans hang up after only 40 seconds of being on hold. Yet, the urgency to change this statistic seems to have plateaued due to companies giving up on their call platforms. This won’t happen when you work with Phonexa.

Solution: Phonexa’s Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) redirects incoming calls to the appropriate agents or departments, saving your customers from the dreaded hold experience. As soon as the ACD detects that an agent is busy, it moves onto the next representative until the call is answered. This cuts down on the waiting time significantly.

Reason #3: Unprepared Sales Reps

In the case of a new or unprepared sales rep, calls can be a painful experience for everyone involved. If your sales rep doesn’t know much about your products and becomes defensive rather than helpful, you can almost guarantee that the listening party will react badly, hang up, or both. The chances of a conversion in these instances are slim to none.

Solution: With Phonexa’s cloud call platform to help your business, you will have access to call monitoring, call whispering, and call barging. Call monitoring allows you to closely examine all calls happening in your company to train new employees or to monitor employee performance. Call whispering allows you to guide employees on a live call without the other party overhearing. Call barging allows you to take over the call completely if it comes down to it. These features reduce the chances of letting an unprepared or untrained employee handle serious calls on their own.

Reason #4: The Endless Transfer Loop

Getting caught in the transfer loop of hell is enough to break anyone’s patience, no matter how urgent the issue or enticing the offer. When a customer is caught in a transfer loop, one of two things is running through his or her mind: a) This company doesn’t know how to resolve my issue, and b) I never want to go through this again. The only thing transfer loops ensure is a lost customer!

Solution: Our call platform offers the automatic distribution of calls, ensuring that each call reaches its desired destination in as little time as possible. With us working on your behalf, your customers can say goodbye to transfer loops permanently.

Reason #5: Confusing IVR Options

Several studies, including this one published by the Harvard Business Review, confirms the age-old saying that less is more. The study was done on different types of jams. Schwartz wrote, “When the time came to purchase, people who saw the large display were one-tenth as likely to buy as people who saw the small display.” They concluded that too many options gave customers anxiety and excessively high expectations, which resulted in more regret and self-blame when the option they picked didn’t work out. The rule of less is more also applies to your IVR menu.

Solution: Fortunately, this isn’t a problem with Phonexa’s customizable IVR. Our software allows for easy editing and split testing to give you the best possible results. Not only will our team guide you on how to optimize your IVR menu, but the product itself also offers plenty of self-servicing options to make the setup process as simple as possible.

So, don’t settle for less. You’re not obligated to stick with a call platform that drives your customers away. Invest in a proprietary call platform and experience the difference today.

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