7 Reasons To Utilize Call Tracking For Lead Generation

Victoria Berezhetska
Content Lead
4 minute read
Victoria Berezhetska
Content Lead
4 minute read

At their core, customers want to feel special and have a positive experience. As for brands, they’re well aware that driving positive sentiment can foster more meaningful relationships with clients.

Marketing is typically defined by these relations. When it comes to lead generation, it’s strongly linked with creating human connections and generating prospect calls. That’s why marketers tend to seize every opportunity available — inbound calls included — to segment prospective clients, form strong bonds, and build trust.

When your lead generation campaigns encourage prospects to express their interest by calling your company, chances are they will convert into revenue-generating clients. With call tracking, you can motivate even more calls, attribute them to specific online or offline initiatives, and convert callers into loyal clientele.

Ways to Improve Affiliate Marketing Lead Generation

Let’s explore in more detail how utilizing lead management and call tracking can benefit your brand and help you solve existing problems.

How To Tackle Problems With Lead Management

It’s no secret that lead management offers numerous benefits to businesses. With the rich assortment of lead management tools from Phonexa, brands can leverage lead data, improve their strategies, and tackle specific problems.

Here are some of the pressing issues Phonexa’s LMS Sync can solve in a matter of minutes.

Eliminate Manual Work

There’s no denying that collecting and sorting leads manually often results in multiple errors and inability to scale. Lead management software can help brands automate lead sorting and filtering, access critical lead details, and drive only high-quality and sales-ready leads.

Revive Declined Leads

Brands often have to cast aside some of the leads. But with Phonexa’s ping tree technology in Call Logic, for example, they can leverage the lead routing and distribution system and turn the declined leads into a new revenue source.

Leverage Lead Nurturing

Without lead nurturing, brands can’t maintain long-term relationships with clients. Phonexa’s lead management software features can automate the nurturing process and move prospects to the bottom of your funnel.

Maximize Revenue

Phonexa’s lead tracking and distribution product LMS Sync allows brands to make educated decisions. It offers them access to critical data and helps to assess and increase their marketing investment.

Understanding how to utilize the right tools and solutions to scale your business is the number one task for marketing experts. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, some brands still miss out on the lucrative opportunities call tracking software brings to the table.

The Significance Of Call Tracking For Lead Generation

The Significance Of Call Tracking For Lead Generation

It’s not uncommon for enterprises to rely on inbound calls as one of the principal channels for driving and converting leads. In many cases, this channel drives offline leads, helping brands to get credit for them and make sure that no lead goes unaccounted, or unnoticed.

Whether you’re already generating revenue from inbound calls or looking to enhance customer engagement, your offline or online efforts don’t stand a chance without granular reports and detailed data.

Phonexa’s call tracking software can bridge that gap and help enterprises integrate phone calls into a marketing strategy and understand the direct benefits to them.

Let’s look at some of the pros that call tracking can offer as a part of a lead generation campaign.

Enhance Quality Of The Leads

Whether it’s for your brand or distribution, call tracking can help you drive more high-quality leads. Phonexa’s proprietary software is equipped with a filter analyzer that can contribute to identifying and flagging potentially fraudulent leads or spam calls.

Ensure That Every Lead Converts

Every brand wants to have unlimited capabilities and increased reach. Phonexa’s Call Logic allows businesses to sync their marketing insights with the tools they use, including Salesforce, Google Analytics, or in-house databases. With effortless integration, marketers can share data, access critical GA reports, and tap into per-channel or per-campaign performance.

Utilize Campaign-Specific Phone Numbers

One of the biggest advantages of call tracking is the ability of businesses to dedicate phone numbers to specific online or offline initiatives. This way, companies can track leads more effectively, segment them, and get attribution data.

Measure Your Investment

Tracking phone calls goes far beyond focusing solely on calls. The software ensures different levels of data provided by visitor-level and campaign-level tracking, as well as omnichannel attribution. Ultimately, call tracking offers the top level of comprehensive data — the key to measuring ROI accurately.

Capture Phone Leads In A CRM Instantly

No marketer wants to deal with lost leads, especially when handling multiple campaigns. Phonexa’s call tracking system integrates with different search platforms, CRM, web analytics, DMP, and more to help you capture all the leads instantly.

Identify What Keywords Are Generating Calls

With call tracking, brands have access to a wealth of information on campaigns, traffic sources, callers, and keywords. The ability to break down the tracking process to individual keywords allows businesses to follow selected campaigns and identify the keywords that generate conversions.

Improve Business Management

It’s no secret that every enterprise needs to understand its shortcomings to make an impactful change and scale. Call tracking can help brands make an in-depth examination of how they operate and serve their target audience. This way, brands can identify gaps in performance, reaffirm the need to implement new tools, and outline the measures required to generate more revenue.

Schedule a consultation with one of Phonexa’s experts to find out how Call Logic can help with all of your call tracking needs as part of the software’s all-in-one marketing automation solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more.

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Victoria Berezhetska
Content Lead

Victoria Berezhetska is a Content Lead at Phonexa. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with extensive working experience as a PR specialist and content writer. In her work at Phonexa, she covers diverse topics around digital marketing, including affiliate marketing, call tracking, lead generation, marketing automation, and so much more.

Education: City University of Seattle

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