10 Best Email Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business In 2024

Victoria Berezhetska
Content Lead
8 minute read
Victoria Berezhetska
Content Lead
8 minute read

If you’re a marketer for a business of any size, you probably know the importance of having the right email marketing tools to optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI. While most businesses consider email marketing vital to maintaining customers, the right email strategy can also fuel substantial growth by converting new ones.

For example, in one survey, 80% of SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) said that email marketing drives customer retention, and 81% of SMBs declared that email marketing is a primary driver for customer acquisition. It’s impossible to ignore the importance of email marketing tools to maintain and grow your customer base, ultimately elevating your business to the next level.

Specifically, email marketing automation is often a vital element of any growth strategy your business undertakes. Therefore, it is necessary to tap into the benefits of email marketing platforms to get the maximum value from your email list. Email marketing automation gives you the ability to control your emails and your data in productive and dynamic ways.

But sometimes, outside ventures disrupt the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns — even the automated ones — prompting marketers to think of unique email marketing tools to handle these hurdles.

For example, Apple’s newest privacy update to its native Mail app changed the way email marketers can view campaign metrics and further engage with customers based on these metrics.

By limiting the trackability of pixels, IP addresses, and cache images, Apple has given users the option to do away with tracking — essentially limiting the ability of advertisers to see email-related data that will give them insight into the user’s behaviors or habits.

But what we’ve learned from practice is that the best email marketing campaigns don’t rely on metrics nor data, but they are built on good content curated around the needs of a comprehensive sales persona.

Like any advanced software solution, email marketing tools are most effective when used to their fullest potential. To help you get the most from your email marketing software, we have created a list of proven practices that can boost your business with consideration to Apple’s newest email update.

10 Best Tips For Email Marketing To Help You Grow Your Business

Observing the following 10 email marketing tips and tricks will help you create successful campaigns that will gain the attention of your target audience and convert those on your email list from leads to customers — eventually maximizing the return on your investment.

1. Create Good Email Content To Convert Your Leads

This is one of the cardinal rules of content marketing, and there is no exception when it comes to email. If you want your email marketing campaigns to be successful and entice more consumers to commit to your business, you must supply them with valuable and relevant content.

To ensure that your audience is engaged and actively opening your emails, you should form your successful email marketing strategies around gated content and teasers. You can do this by starting your email with a catchy, personalized headline, followed by brief insight into the exclusive piece of gated content you’re advertising.

Then, include a call-to-action button to encourage the recipient to follow and access the whole piece on your company site. This will not only help you generate more leads, but it will also serve as a metric that tells you who from your email list is paying attention to your messages.

Affiliate Marketing Automation Software Features

That way, you will learn how to get your email list to be effective and more active.

This step will also make it easier for you to indicate which email segmentation bit these leads should be placed in.

Use the right email marketing software solution to get insights into what drives clicks and engagement, so you know what your audience is interested in.

2. Use Email Segmentation To Organize Your Efforts

As your email subscriber tally grows, segmenting your emails into lists will become even more critical. How exactly you segment your pool of email leads can depend on what business you’re in. For example, you may segment by age, geographic location, your subscribers’ industry, and even their placement within the sales funnel.

Use the metrics you have at hand and the engagement rates from clients to base your email segments on. Once you have separated your email list, you will better target and understand your audience to increase ROI.

3. Use Interactive Email Features To Draw People In

To further develop client interest and activity with your brand, you can embed interactive features like live polls and surveys within your email content. This will give you a less generic and more insightful touchpoint and engagement with your subscribers, all while making them more excited about receiving your future email campaigns.

4. Create Incentives To Sign People Up

In many cases, the valuable content you will provide your email subscribers is enough incentive to sign up. But there’s no reason you can’t sweeten the pot a bit by offering some bonus reasons. You can promise discounts, special deals, or entry in a raffle.

5. Build a Smart Content Marketing Strategy

If you want to grow your business, you’re well-advised to have an email strategy that spans multiple emails and months. Try to avoid a “one at a time” email approach where you’re trying to develop solid content every few weeks. Map out what you want to say and the impact you want your emails to have in advance.

You can use email marketing automation to create a journey for your customers to follow—leading them through your sales funnel to take them from curious prospect to converted lead.

6. Personalize Instead Of Generalizing

Nobody opens an email hoping for a generic sales pitch. Even though your subscribers have opted-in to receive emails from a brand, they are still looking for unique correspondence—not a billboard.

Take care to create a friendly email message by writing in a conversational tone and relating to your readers personally. You can even use your email marketing tools to generate personalized greetings and email subject lines so that your emails carry that extra level of customization.

7. Have A Singular Goal For The Best Email Campaigns

While you want to put in the time to have an overarching email content strategy, you want to be sure that each email you send has one singular goal. Avoid sending an email that encourages readers to take a survey, read your blog, and schedule time for a consultation.

By assigning one goal for your email message, you can focus the reader’s attention on answering that call to action. Then, with clear, actionable metrics, you can utilize the best email marketing tips to launch your next email campaign successfully.

8. Stay Active On Social Media

There is a lot you can do to grow your business using email marketing automation. Still, it’s always helpful to find ways of continuing the conversation between you and your subscribers.

You can do this by inviting them to also connect with you on social media. By including your social media profiles in your email messages, you can encourage prospects to keep in touch and follow your more regular posts with content and insights into what makes your business the way it is.

9. Measure Your ROI

Even when deploying all the email marketing best practices and creating the best email campaigns, you never really know how effective these campaigns are unless you keep track of the return on your investment for email marketing.

To that end, know that email marketing brings in $42 to every $1 spent — the most significant ROI compared to other marketing methods. This suggests that email marketing is very effective. But its effectiveness depends on how much effort you put into understanding sound marketing practices and eliminating those that are no longer effective.

When you understand what is working for your email marketing campaigns and identify what needs to be altered or kicked, you will have a better focus and a higher return on your investment.

10. Use Time-Based Triggers For Email Automation

If you are looking for a more automated approach to your email marketing campaigns, use things like time-based triggers and follow-up emails. For example, with automation, you can set an email calendar for subscribers, creating date-based triggers and personal events like birthdays and anniversaries.

So, when these events approach, your email management system will distribute or send out customized emails to this segment of subscribers, which will get them further engaged with your site and your content.

Email Marketing Tips And Tricks: How To Grow Your Email List

When you want to grow your email list, there are many steps you can take, just by being an attentive marketer who is always searching for ways to increase your customer base and your revenue.

You can start this process with things like email sign-up sheets, providing sign-up buttons on your website, adding incentives to get people to sign up, and so much more. Here are some useful pointers to how you can get more people to sign up to receive more email alerts from your company.

  • Collect email addresses when people sign up for an event
  • Collect email addresses at industry tradeshows
  • Look to your existing database
  •  Offer a downloadable whitepaper or other gated content
  • Include a sign-up option in your membership forms
  • Include a lead generation landing page to your social media profiles
  • Run a Facebook Ad
  • Collect leads through guest wifi at an event
  • Offer exclusive access

With all things considered, email remains the most lucrative marketing channel, ready to attract your target audience’s attention and steal their sale. However, marketers must create reliable content to create the best email marketing campaigns to achieve this confidence level.

In all, good offerings, backed by effective email marketing tips and driven by email marketing best practices, are bound to succeed and bring about the type of change we all wish to see in the email industry.

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Victoria Berezhetska
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