Effectively Tracking, Optimizing And Automating Fraud Prevention In Lead Generation

Marian Sahakyan
Senior Brand Marketing Manager
4 minute read
Marian Sahakyan
Senior Brand Marketing Manager
4 minute read

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any successful company, even more so when that company operates in the B2B sales space. Marketers are given credit for driving growth or held accountable if they don’t do enough of it. Yet, despite the pressures of the industry, lead generation is elusive for many organizations.

During the most recent MailCon conference in Las Vegas, this topic was front and center. Powered by Phonexa, MailCon brought together professionals from all across the omnichannel marketing industry to discuss trends in lead generation, technology, and other related subjects.

This is also where Phonexa’s Chief Strategy Officer Amanda Farris joined forces with Curt Freiden, Everflow’s Vice President of Business Development, to uncover critical topics around lead generation in a panel-style discussion.

Their session, titled “Sustainable Strategies for Lead Generation,” took a deep dive into some exceptional tactics and technology marketers can implement to back their lead generation.

What follows are our five key takeaways from the session.

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Lead Generation Is In Constant Evolution, And You Must Keep Up

The industry is ever-evolving, and what’s applicable today may not work tomorrow, so staying on the cutting edge of technology, asking the right questions, and following trends make all the difference in the marketing world.

The duo emphasized the importance of being open to change in practice and keeping a conservative mindset in adhering to what they already know works in lead generation.

Challenges Are Often The Solutions In Lead Generation

Many marketers and their subsequent companies fall down the rabbit hole of missed opportunities and a shrinking ROI because they fail to follow and track lead generation campaigns.

In simple terms, companies continuously launch lavish and costly campaigns to attract a new and dynamic audience, but they don’t realize that if these campaigns aren’t relatable to the target audience, they’ll drive little to no traffic toward their lead funnel.

On the other end of the scope, however, we see companies — small and large — tracking and following their metrics and the many analytics tools their marketing automation platforms provide them. While many find data an overwhelming aspect of marketing, the right data will make or break any marketing campaign.

In that sense, having the right platform to back a company’s marketing efforts hugely affects how marketers in charge of lead generation view and interact with campaign metrics and additional data.

Traditional Best Practices That Resonate In Lead Generation

Analyzing marketing data and understanding where each lead is coming from and where it’s headed materializes successfully by allowing companies to skip the long route in understanding how they can maximize profits and increase the number of leads they’re funneling through the sales pipeline.

Farris and Freiden also stressed the essence of utilizing dynamic numbers and setting cost-per-lead pricing models within their lead generation campaigns to maximize their profits.

Mailcon Event

Evaluating Lead Sources & Questioning Everything

Fraud and inefficiencies are often overlooked or missed when working with a diverse lead generation network with affiliates and publishers. However, networks can take precautionary measures to ensure that these errors don’t occur often.

According to the speakers, considering the source of the traffic or lead, understanding price breakdowns, asking for disposition reports, and getting a feel for the seller’s relations with others in both the publishing side and the affiliate side should set off any red flags that may arise at any point during the lead selling and transferring process.

Identifying Red Flags & Fraud Warnings In Lead Generation

Lead generation is all about cultivating a back and forth relationship with the source that provides a company their leads. This is intentional because it improves the visibility of how leads are generated, their interest level, and the publisher’s dedication and honesty to the buyer.

Of course, there are many cases of fraud every single day in lead generation, where companies lose thousands of dollars to fake or low-intent leads. When on the buying end of the lead transaction, Farris and Freiden recommend that buyers get on a call to generate a relationship with the publisher and understand whether this transaction can be subject to any unethical action.

Other vetting activities can include setting price thresholds for each campaign, checking the IP addresses of the leads in conjunction with that of the seller, and checking conversion rates of the leads sold by the publisher.

When your marketing efforts are backed by a SaaS product like the Phonexa’s all-in-one marketing automation solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more, you gain complete visibility into these metrics and more, which allow your CRM tool to make intelligent decisions around their lead generation campaigns.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about the Phonexa platform and how its all-in-one suite of marketing automation tools and products can power your lead generation tactics and avoid pitfalls. 

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Marian Sahakyan
Senior Brand Marketing Manager
Marian Sahakyan is the Senior Brand Marketing Manager at Phonexa. She’s a journalism graduate from California State University, Long Beach with a background in marketing as well as UI and UX design. Marian’s previous writing and reporting has been featured in several community newspapers throughout Southern California.
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