How Does Call Logic Influence Your Business?

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Call Logic is Phonexa’s call analytics and call tracking platform, which consists of the fully automated experience of optimizing your call campaigns and marketing performance. It’s our fully integrative platform designed to help lead generators and marketers in all industries. In short, Call Logic does the following:

Call Logic Delivers Top Analytics

The call analytics that you’ll receive from Call Logic will change the way you view marketing insights. Our industry-leading analytics match your callers to the advertisements that prompted their calls. And get this: it tracks your ad performances online and off. This means that if a consumer walks past your advertisement at a bus stop and decides to make a call, Phonexa will be able to track that call to the exact advertisement, allowing you to know your ad performances down to a T. With Phonexa’s advanced call tracking and call analytics, you can feel free to customize your interactive dashboard to fit your desired campaigns. A plethora of data means that you get to have options when it comes to tracking your calls and leads.

Call Logic Provides Advanced Voice Response

Customizability is key with Phonexa’s Call Logic voice response system. Our proprietary VoicePLUS voice recognition system works in tandem with our advanced IVR, guaranteeing a tremendous call experience that’s unique to Phonexa’s Call Logic platform. Our customizable, automated voice systems will work on your behalf to deliver top customer service with minimal errors. In fact, studies show that the average voice recognition software can even beat humans at speech-to-text accuracy. Phonexa’s advanced voice systems ensure that your calls will be monitored, transcribed, and responded in a way that will boost your customer experience. The best way to win repeating customers is by providing them with fast resolutions to their problems, and the fastest way to deliver top quality service is by using Phonexa’s advanced voice response system. Let our dedicated software do the work of ten employees at once.

Call Logic Improves Your Marketing Performance

As we briefly mentioned earlier, the main goal of our Call Logic platform is to help improve your marketing performances. Our incredibly robust software works well with your business at every stage. Its scalability means that whether you have a company of 10 or 100, our service will match your business needs every step of its growing process. One of the very best ways Call Logic helps your marketing performance (at any level) is by providing you with the deep data you need to reach peak optimizations. Think of it this way: when you run a business, and especially if you’re just starting out, the last thing you would want to do is to reach in the dark and spend lavishly on campaigns that don’t really work. Every dollar matters when you’re in the process of building your business. That’s why with Call Logic, you’ll not only know which of your advertisements are working, but you’ll also get to track your entire customer journey. You’ll save hundreds of dollars on advertisements and gain a higher ROI for the money that you do spend.

Call Logic Increases Your Audience Reach

Call Logic expands your audience reach by helping you revamp your entire marketing approach. Without call analytics and call tracking, you will be casting out a blind net with every advertisement that you employ. By knowing which ads work best in which geographic location, you will be able to pinpoint the exact marketing strategies that are most effective for your targeted audience. This will in turn increase your audience reach because your advertisements and customer service experience will be better suited for your customer demographic. Before long, word of mouth recommendations will bring more callers to your business and you will have earned a great customer service reputation.

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