The New Smartphones and the Future of Marketing

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4 minute read

The recent announcement of the iPhone X has sparked more than just chatter – people with perfectly new iPhone 7 pluses and the red iPhone 7 are already thinking about switching over to the X when it’s released in November, 2017. In case you miss that, we’re now living in a world where the majority of America owns smartphones worth as much as a flat screen TV, and we’re willing to get brand new phones even while our current ones are still working perfectly fine. The craze is real.

To add insult to injury, the Samsung Galaxy S8 came out about five months prior to the iPhone X announcement, with almost identical features to the iPhone X as we know it: a glass back, facial recognition, water resistance, wireless charging, and a longer battery life. All clever marketing strategies aside, one thing is clear: people are going to spend even more time on their smartphones than any other piece of modern technology. This does several things to the marketing landscape: it changes the way consumers receive information from brands, it forces brick-and-mortar companies to consider going digital, and it presents endless opportunities for creative marketing campaigns.

More Eyes on the Smartphone

All of these changes point to the collective majority of America taking their eyes off of bus stop ads and billboards, and transitioning their attention to their phones. This phenomenon is already happening as we speak, but facial recognition in the form of Face ID might exacerbate this war on our attention. This is neither good nor bad, but a neutral moral matter that has immense technical implications. Brands that are currently advertising on apps and search will have an even larger market of competitors within the months to come. This spike in smartphone usage will ultimately force brick and mortar companies to invest in digital advertisement, creating more competition but also more creative opportunities in almost every industry.

App and, Social Media and Search Advertisements

Our prediction is that in-app advertisements, social media ads and paid search ads are going to experience a bounty of new B2C queries, making these platforms even more wary of how they handle their user experience (in light of all the advertisements that are both lucrative and potentially detrimental to the user-friendliness of each platform). The relationship between companies and digital platforms will be an interesting event to observe as these two symbiotic parties combine their efforts to provide value to consumers and make money at the same time.

Where Phonexa Fits into This New Ecosystem

Phonexa has anticipated this mobile takeover years before it materialized, and we’ve developed the advanced tracking technology it takes to make it in this increasingly competitive environment. Phonexa is a cloud-based software-as-a-service company that helps companies track their web and call leads. Web and calls are married by the smartphone; you literally cannot have one without the other. With each digital advertisement that your business employs, you need a proprietary tracking system that does the hard work of monitoring your campaign’s progress and attributing your return on investment. Without a call tracking and analytics platform integrated into your system, you won’t be able to survive the onslaught of what’s to come when these smartphones completely take over the advertising industry.

Realistically speaking, smartphones already are taking over. A study suggests that the average adult touches his or her phone 2,617 times a day even if there aren’t any notifications or pings that demand his or her attention. The phone is the new TV, camera, radio, universal remote, iPod, and calendar. If you aren’t advertising on mobile yet, don’t wait a moment longer. Let Phonexa help you climb to the top of this new marketing paradigm.

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