What is a Call Tracking and Analytics Software?

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Call tracking and call analytics are two faces of the same coin. With Phonexa’s call tracking platform, businesses will receive top-tier call analytics with each marketing campaign that they implement.

While call tracking tracks the inbound phone channels for things like customer demographics, phone number, and marketing attribute, call analytics reports these findings on easy-to-read charts and metric functions for businesses to analyze at their discretion.

In this article, we will break down the functionalities within call tracking and call analytics, as well as the risks involved in not incorporating these tools into your phone system.

What Does Call Tracking Do?

Phonexa’s sophisticated call tracking software tracks and scores phone calls that come in so you can view the entire customer journey from start to finish.

Call tracking is a phone marketing solution that changes the way you approach ROI attribution, audience targeting, and branding altogether.

When you implement a new marketing advertisement or campaign, call tracking can track the results of those campaigns using unique phone numbers and geo-location to make certain that you will receive the customer and marketing insights you need.

Some of the capabilities of call tracking software include:

1. Demographic-Based Call Routing

In conjunction with our Automatic Call Distributor, call tracking helps to route your calls based on customer demographics. This feature is extremely helpful for businesses with local franchises because their customers will have skipped an entire unnecessary conversation with the IVR or customer service agent, reducing the friction that comes with call transfers.

If your business doesn’t have local franchises, call routing can also help to route your calls to agents that might speak the same language as your caller, which ultimately enhances your customer service and business reputation over time.

2. Personalized Customer Care

Customer service is key to any successful company, especially within countries that prioritize customer care. In the U.S. and similarly developed nations, consumers are used to receiving top quality customer service in all verticals.

To truly position yourself at the top of the industry, you’ve got to not only optimize your internal customer service team but also invest in customer service automation that will transform your interactions altogether.

Call tracking helps to personalize your calls like never before by catering to your callers’ needs before they are even vocalized.

For example, based on the caller name and residential location, call tracking will communicate with the IVR to offer multi-lingual options for your callers. This extra step makes all the difference when it comes to providing high-quality customer service.

3. ROI Attribution

Perhaps the number one reason why businesses should not skip out on call tracking is because of its incredible ROI attribution capabilities.

Before the magic of call tracking, brick and mortar companies had to go the extra mile to assure that their advertisement campaigns were working. Even then, it was difficult to tell whether or not one ad was working better than the other if they were both within the same vicinity.

ROI attribution was essentially a shot in the dark. Now, with call tracking, businesses can accurately measure their ROI and conduct more effective A/B testing with data-driven results.

4. Customizable Charts, Reports, and Filters

Where you can customize, you can improve. As we believe in our clients, we’ve created customizable tracking and analytics software to allow for industry-specific automation to happen. The filtration system and reports are all subject to your edits, and if you need certain automation that isn’t already there, we will happily build it for you at no extra costs.

5. Call Analytics

Call analytics software displays reports on all of your call tracking cap-outs, giving you an accurate depiction of your call details. Call analytics enhances your performance evaluations and gives you important insights that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Despite its name, call analytics also provides web analytics for a complete marketing evaluation solution. Know which landing pages are generating the most calls and which keywords are the most effective at pulling in potential customers.

Furthermore, call analytics is the reporting structure that tells you the results gathered by our call tracking software, which essentially means that you can’t have one without the other. Together, these two features create a foolproof solution to all of your marketing attribution challenges.

Call analytics presents both raw data and result from analyses to improve your marketing campaigns and customer service optimizations.

To fully understand the difference between Phonexa’s call tracking and analytics software, schedule a consultation with us today. We will walk you through the platform and give you a detailed look at how this call solution can benefit your specific business.

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