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Affiliate Link Tracking: Advanced Ways to Grow Your Affiliate Network
Paving your way to the top of the affiliate game will be a thorny journey....
34 minute read
Leads vs. Sales: What Do You Need?
Both leads and prospects are valuable for any business, and each plays an important role...
19 minute read
7 Lead Generation Strategies To Get and Convert More Business Leads
Learn how you can implement the perfect lead generation strategy to yield more business leads and reach historic levels of...
20 minute read
8 Call Tracking Metrics You Should Use To Optimize Your Campaigns
Measure your calls using call tracking solutions that help you gain insights and optimize marketing campaigns.
10 minute read
Professional IVR Voice Recording: How It Works
Here are 5 reasons why professional voice recordings are essential for any business today.
27 minute read
What Is a Call Tracking System?
Call tracking is a system that tracks and sorts information about incoming phone calls. It helps you know who is calling your...
26 minute read
10 Benefits of Lead Management Software that Convert More Web &...
A lead management solution can help you capture, convert, and retain more web and call leads.
29 minute read
Phonexa’s 2022 Highlights New Solutions, Partnership Program
The calendar year marked yet another formative year for Phonexa, filled with watershed moments and milestones for the company. 
7 minute read
Pay-Per-Call: The New PPC
There is a new PPC in town and it’s changing how we do business.
10 minute read
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