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Marketing Channels You Should Focus On

8 Marketing Channels You Should Focus On in 2021

Here are 8 marketing channels businesses should focus on in 2020 to grow their bottom-line.

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Reasons to Have a Toll-Free Vanity Number in 2019 - Phonexa

5 Excellent Reasons to Have a Toll-Free Vanity Number in 2021

Here’s how a toll-free vanity number can help your business grow in 2020.

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Open Enrollment

Create Winning Marketing Strategies for Open Enrollment 2021

Open Enrollment 2020 is here! Is your business doing everything it can to take advantage of this window of opportunity?

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lms features

LMS Features: Filtering, URL Tracking, Payout Structure, Fraud Detector, API

One qualified lead is better than a thousand disinterested leads because it all comes down to your conversion rates

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Call Center

Voice Prompts with a Professionally Recorded Message

Phonexa’s immaculate recording feature personalizes the caller experience by replacing greetings, announcements, and voice prompts with a professionally recorded message.

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Filtration System: Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to Route Calls

Phonexa’s sophisticated filtration system is applied to the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to route calls based on your customized filtration settings.

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Management System

Interactive Management Service: Critical Metrics And Analytics

Phonexa’s exquisite Interactive Management system is an elegantly designed, user-friendly dashboard with critical metrics and analytics to enhance your marketing performance.

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Calls/Voice Responses

Partnership Call Management: Flexibility To All Parties

This collaborative tool allows for a true partnership to happen between you, your vendors, and customers.

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Call Logic

Call Logic API and Third-Party Integrations

Connect with the applications you use on a daily basis and scale effortlessly with free integrations.

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Voice Recognition

VoicePLUS: Voice Recognition Service

Say hello to Phonexa’s proprietary voice recognition feature.

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