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Track Sales Leads
Spotlight on Leads: How Do I Track Sales Leads?

A lead management system helps you track and manage your leads effectively to get the most out of every sales opportunity.

Why Should My Business Use Lead Tracking
Spotlight on Leads: Why Should My Business Use Lead Tracking?

Lead tracking provides granular insight on the performance of different marketing campaigns, letting you know whether you are getting a strong ROI for your marketing spend.

what is lead tracking
Spotlight on Leads: What Is Lead Tracking?

Lead tracking is the process of getting insight into the lifecycle of a lead. If you are working in lead generation, it will tell you where a lead came from and how that lead first interacted with your business. 

Addressing the Housing Crisis with Habitat for Humanity
Phonexa Cares: Addressing the Housing Crisis with Habitat for Humanity

As many are forced to face grim housing prospects, Phonexa takes the first steps to spread awareness and make a difference.

Set Up Google Analytics for Call Tracking
Spotlight on Calls: How Do I Set Up Google Analytics for Call Tracking?

In this blog, we will learn how to create a call goal for tracking calls in Google Analytics, how to create a goal for first-time callers, and view your calls report.

Google Call Forwarding Number
Spotlight on Calls: What Is a Google Call Forwarding Number?

Research shows that 70% of prospects using smartphones call businesses directly from the search ads. Tracking inbound calls can help you identify various metrics that need to be tweaked to increase call conversions.

Important Call Tracking Metrics for Business
Call Tracking Metrics You Should Measure to Optimize Your Campaigns

To further optimize your marketing campaigns and increase your ROI, you need to track and measure some important call tracking metrics.

what is a call tracking number
Spotlight on Calls: What Is a Tracking Phone Number?

A call tracking number is a unique phone number that is used for a given marketing campaign. The number is routed to your business number, making it easy to track various call metrics associated with the particular marketing strategy.

how does call tracking work
Spotlight on Calls: How Does Call Tracking Work?

The call tracking software uses Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI), which automatically assigns a unique phone number to different concurrent marketing campaigns.