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Phonexa’s 2022 Highlights New Solutions, Partnership Program
The calendar year marked yet another formative year for Phonexa, filled with watershed moments and milestones for the company. 
7 minute read
Pay-Per-Call: The New PPC
There is a new PPC in town and it’s changing how we do business.
10 minute read
How Speed to Contact Drives Conversions
Here are some speedy solutions to satisfy new lead flows in the home services industry.
7 minute read
Setting up Call Tracking in Google Analytics to Convert More Calls
In this blog, we will learn how to create a call goal for tracking calls in Google Analytics, how to create a goal for first-time...
19 minute read
G2 Awards Phonexa with Series of Accolades in Fall 2022 Report
Phonexa has once again secured an impressive showing in G2's Fall 2022 Report, collecting 24 badges and ranks.
4 minute read
7 Major MarTech Trends & LeadGen Observations To Close Out 2022
Read on for this quarter's glistening insights on lead generation, marketing technology, dynamic bidding systems, Ping Post Calls...
11 minute read
Mobile App Capabilities in Home Services Can Be a Game Changer
Home services affiliate marketing programs need to be arm trade professionals with a mobile solution for them to capitalize on...
9 minute read
Everything You Need To Know About Suppression List Management
Let’s take a detailed look at how suppression list management works, its features, and its benefits.
7 minute read
Combat Spoofed Calls, Get More Hellos With STIR/SHAKEN Compliance
Explore the terms and effects of STIR/SHAKEN, the FCC's regulation to protect businesses and consumers from caller ID spoofing...
8 minute read
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