Lead Distribution Software for Accelerated Lead Transfers

Make sure your leads get to the right destination quickly with automated lead distribution

Why Use Lead Distribution?

The best chance at converting a lead is to connect with them within the first five minutes. Lead distribution software uses automation to promptly deliver leads to where they need to go.

Easily Increase Efficiency

Automated Distribution

Using automation, you can custom-set configurations to make sure your leads are being distributed to your precise specifications. Automated distribution with ping tree service also reduces errors and disseminates leads faster.

Generate More Leads

Optimized Forms

Generate More Leads

Choose from a variety of web form templates or build a form that best suits your needs. Create your perfect lead funnel by fine-tuning your forms and adjusting your lead distribution platform.

Generate More Leads

Focus on Conversions

Quality Lead Filters

Keep your lead distribution process running smoothly by only taking in and allocating leads that meet your criteria. Tighten filters to maintain high quality traffic, or make adjustments for greater lead volume.

Powerful alone. Better together.

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Lead Distribution FAQs

How does lead distribution work?

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Lead distribution starts with the generating of leads that can come from many different sources. Leads are generated through different channels, such as inbound calls or the filling out of forms on landing pages. Leads are then brought into a lead management system, where they can be filtered and organized. This helps to qualify leads.

Once leads are qualified, they can go about the process of being distributed to multiple destinations or lead buyers. The goal of lead distribution is to send leads on a path that is most likely to lead to conversion.

How does lead distribution software use automation?

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Lead distribution software uses automation to direct leads towards specific destinations or to buyers at a pre-arranged price. Lead buyers will often set prices for different leads based on a variety of factors. Income level, geographic location, and other key data points can impact what type of prices are set for distribution.

Who uses lead distribution software?

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  • Sales managers who want an automatic system that can assign leads instantly to sales reps
  • Firms with remote salespeople working in different locations and time zones
  • Lead generation firms, advertising agencies, and marketing companies
  • Firms selling multiple products and that require immediate lead distribution to their sales reps for a quick response
  • Small firms that need to move from a time-consuming, manual lead distribution system to an automated system that will help their sales rep close deals more quickly

What are the benefits of lead distribution software?

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There are multiple benefits that accompany the use of lead distribution software. Advertisers and lead buyers reap the benefit of lead distribution software because they are able to set their own prices for leads that meet their criteria. By utilizing tools for ping post distribution, buyers are even able to bid on quality leads in real time based on relevant data points.

Marketers and lead generators benefit from using lead distribution software by increasing the likelihood that they will get the best possible value for their leads. By using lead distribution software, they can put their leads in front of multiple buyers. This increases the chances of finding an ideal match for their leads, along with an advantageous price point.

Customers also enjoy benefits from lead distribution—automated lead distribution software helps match consumers with companies that are most interested in assisting them. By connecting customers to businesses best suited to meet their needs, lead distribution creates a better journey for consumers and improves overall satisfaction.

What is lead routing?

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Lead routing is the distribution of incoming web leads or phone calls to the available sales reps. Lead routing can be done manually or automatically through lead distribution software which will route leads using different distribution methods.

What is the difference between lead distribution and lead management?

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Lead management is the facilitation of all incoming and outbound leads, most commonly achieved by using a lead management system. Lead distribution is the process of disseminating leads to other destinations or lead buyers. Lead distribution is closely tied to lead management, as it is necessary to have a superior lead management system to allow for successful lead distribution.

How many leads can a sales rep handle?

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The number of leads that a sales rep can handle is tied to time. When the lead distribution is done manually, it takes a longer period. However, automated lead distribution software assigns lead to the right rep in real-time. This saves time and eliminates manual errors, which results in the quick conversion of leads to buyers.

What is the best lead distribution software?

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The best lead distribution software should be the one that can be easily customized to meet all your lead distribution needs. A lead bidding system should help you maximize your revenue and save your time on the lead distribution process through automation capabilities. The lead distribution system should be easy to set up and should also easily integrate with your CRM and lead management solution.

Where can I get the best lead distribution software?

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If you want a lead distribution software that will exceed your expectations, get in touch with us. Our industry-specific experts are ready to discuss your lead distribution needs and provide solution recommendations.

Leverage the dynamic lead distribution capability of Phonexa’s LMS Sync to save time with automation, grow your business, and maximize your revenue opportunities. As part of the Phonexa marketing all-in-one suite, LMS SYNC can help marketers take a multi-channel integrated approach to their lead distribution efforts.

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