Lead Distribution Software

Automate the delivery of your inbound web leads and phone calls by capturing and routing them in real-time with our advanced lead distribution software

Maximize Your Revenue with Our Lead Distribution Software

Convert More with Quality Leads

Our lead distribution software checks the quality of your leads to ensure that high-quality leads are filtered to your sales team. Set your own lead validation and verification rules so that only leads that match your criteria pass through your sales funnel. LMS Sync optimizes the lead distribution process, so you can see more revenue per lead.

Process More Leads with Automated Distribution

Our lead routing software distributes leads in real-time through your defined distribution criteria, which can include availability, price, expertise, weighted logic, and location. Eliminate the chances of manual error and ensure accurate targeting since leads are distributed to the most appropriate salesperson based on specific criteria used.

Make Customers Happy

Our real-time lead performance reports provide data and information that help you understand and assess the performance of your sales team. Know exactly how your assigned sales reps are handling leads. Based on this data, you can arrange training and feedback sessions to improve the skills of your sales reps to help you keep your customers happy.

Want to easily capture, validate, and route inbound web and phone call leads through an automated lead distribution platform?

How Lead Distribution Software Works

You usually get leads from different sources such as chat, email, website, inbound calls, among others. A complete lead distribution system captures such leads, assesses their quality, and assigns them to the most qualified sales reps so that you can maximize revenue on every lead.

Features of Our Lead Distribution Software

  • Ping Tree

    Take advantage of an advanced multi-tier Ping Tree to distribute your leads.

  • Optimized Forms

    LMS SYNC equips users with an optimized form builder for a more effective lead capturing process.

  • Real-Time Distribution

    LMS SYNC automatically routes your leads in real-time according to your custom configurations.

  • Lead Tracking

    This feature helps you to keep tabs of how your leads move along the sales funnel.

  • Unique Filtering

    Create custom parameters to determine minimum buying prices and enable buyer exclusivity.

Looking for advanced lead distribution software to maximize your lead generation efforts?


Who uses lead distribution software?

  • Sales managers who want an automatic system that can assign leads instantly to sales reps
  • Firms with remote salespeople working in different locations and time zones
  • Lead generation firms, advertising agencies, and marketing companies
  • Firms selling multiple products and that require immediate lead distribution to their sales reps for a quick response
  • Small firms that need to move from a time-consuming, manual lead distribution system to an automated system that will help their sales rep close deals more quickly

What is lead routing?

This is the distribution of incoming web leads or phone calls to the available sales reps. Lead routing can be done manually or automatically through lead distribution software which will route leads using different distribution methods.

How many leads can a sales rep handle?

The number of leads that a sales rep can handle is tied to time. When the lead distribution is done manually, it takes a longer period. However, automated lead distribution software assigns lead to the right rep in real-time. This saves time and eliminates manual errors, which results in the quick conversion of leads to buyers.

What is sales and distribution?

A sale is the exchange of a product for a given amount of money. Sales help a company meet its financial goals. Any firm that wants to sell its products should have an efficient product distribution system.

Distribution is a process of making the products available to the buyers. Management of the distribution channels includes capturing leads and converting them to buyers.

What is the best lead distribution software?

The best lead distribution software should be the one that can be easily customized to meet all your lead distribution needs. It should help you maximize your revenue and save your time on the lead distribution process through automation capabilities. The lead distribution system should be easy to set up and should also easily integrate with your CRM and lead management solution.

Where can I get the best lead distribution software?

If you want a lead distribution software that will exceed your expectations, get in touch with us. We are ready to discuss your lead distribution needs and provide a suitable solution.

Leverage the dynamic lead distribution capability of LMS SYNC to save time, grow your business, and maximize your revenue. Our scalable lead distribution software calculates your ROI before sending or selling leads to the highest bidder so you can earn the highest profit per lead – every time.

Want to reach your optimum growth potential?

Experience These Top Benefits with Automated Lead Distribution

  • Scale Your Growth
  • Always Be in the Loop
  • Increase Your Efficiency
  • Maximize Your Revenue
  • Ping. Post. Profit.

Leverage the dynamic lead distribution capability of LMS SYNC to save time, grow your business and maximize your revenue. Our scalable software calculates your ROI before sending leads to the highest bidder so you can earn the highest profit per lead – every time.

Reach your optimum growth potential today.

What is Lead Distribution?


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