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Why You Should Switch to Call Logic

Optimized distribution that ensures calls are sent to destinations that match consumers to services and result in maximum profitability.
24/7 support for phone call management-related questions and a dedicated customer success representative ready to help you achieve your goals.
Tools that enhance the customer journey: a customizable IVR or call recording that ensures every caller is a priority.
Enjoy seamless integrations with all the tech stack tools that you already use, complete with guided onboarding for a stress-free transition for you and your team.
The ability to spot trends and find income-boosting insights with granular reporting not available with other solutions.
Market-leading call management technology like ping-post calls that allow for real-time call bidding to give buyers greater flexibility and opportunity.

Call Intelligence Platform that You Can Integrate and Customize

Empower your business to reach maximum profitability with the help of our team

You’ll get free integrations with major platforms, guided onboarding, and easy integration with your existing tools.

What Our Customers Say About Call Management System

Phonexa is easy to use and navigate. They have excellent customer support and are always there when you need them. Additionally, Phonexa offers a wide variety of reports that help you gain deep insights into your calls, and marketing efforts. The dashboard gives you an excellent overview of how many calls are coming and how the campaigns are performing.
Gavin B.

Gavin B.

My overall experience has been great. Our team uses vanity numbers to track calls and a custom IVR to route these calls. It helps with our attribution and we are able to see what campaigns are the most profitable, which helps us increase our marketing ROI. The software is very fast. The software is robust and flexible.
Bobby G.

Bobby G.

Sales Manager
The Phonexa software is easy to use but very powerful. It helped us improve analytical decision making and lead ROI within the first month. Well worth the investment, and has changed the way we do business. Very quick to get up and running with most integrations ready to go immediately. Any questions or changes are quickly addressed by the tech team.
Beatrice B.

Beatrice B.


Call Intelligence System FAQs

How does call tracking work?

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Call tracking works by providing companies phone numbers that are trackable. This can be applied to custom vanity numbers, local numbers, or toll-free numbers. When consumers see these numbers online or from other marketing channels and place a call, their calls are tracked by the Phonexa platform.

What information can I collect using call tracking?

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You can get useful insights into your campaign, like what keyword led to the call, the relevant Google Click ID, which web page the call came from, or if the call could be attributed to a marketing campaign. You can also get data from each call, such as the caller’s location, the duration of the call, the date and time of the call, whether it is a unique or duplicate call lead, whether the call was accepted or rejected, and key demographics about your caller.

How can call tracking help with my marketing decisions?

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Call tracking connects your online efforts with your multi-channel marketing strategy. With call tracking, you can use caller data for better ad targeting, boost traffic by shifting resources based on real-time call data, generate more calls from popular landing pages, optimize your conversion funnel with granular insights and predictive analysis, and much more.

How does implementing a ping tree solution with call tracking help my ROI?

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Utilize call lead distribution to boost your revenue by harnessing distribution algorithms based off of price, priority of advertiser relationship, and weighted lead traffic – dispersing quality leads to your direct advertisers. Ping tree technology empowers you to create new monetization opportunities, by distributing your leads to offers that were rejected by other direct advertisers.

What marketing channels work with Phonexa’s call tracking software?

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Phonexa’s call tracking software works with paid and organic search, display ads, email marketing, traditional sources like print and radio, and much more.

Do you offer toll-free and vanity numbers?

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Yes, we provide companies with a wide variety of toll-free and vanity phone numbers.

Can I customize the caller experience?

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Phonexa offers a variety of ways that you can create a custom caller experience, such as local phone numbers depending on your target audience's location and custom call greeting recordings and routing.

Is there a way to record calls?

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Yes, the Phonexa platform offers call recording. This valuable tool gives companies the opportunity to get a detailed understanding of their calls. Recordings can be used for training purposes or as a way to improve sales and customer service.

Can I create a custom IVR that can route callers to specific destinations?

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Absolutely. Our custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR) not only lets you route callers according to specific metrics or filters that you set, you can also have callers be met with a warm greeting and a set of menu options to expedite their experience.

Do you offer a demo version of Phonexa?

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Our sales team would be happy to jump on a call and discuss Phonexa’s platform features and capabilities as it relates to your business with a live demo.

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