Call Logic

Pioneering new ways to track and manage your calls


Call Logic is Phonexa’s fully integrative call platform, delivering top analytics, advanced voice response, and a host of other phone marketing automations to boost your existing sales applications and revitalize your multi-channel campaigns.

Customizable voice systems you’ll have to hear to believe.

With Phonexa’s proprietary VoicePLUS voice recognition system and our leading IVR (Interactive Voice Response) working on your behalf, high customer satisfaction will always be a given. Our exceptional voice systems speak, listen, and record more accurately than the average human adult—which means that your agents can spend less time on self-serviceable cases and more time handling harder inquiries.

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Call Analytics that transform the way you receive marketing insights.

Phonexa’s Call Logic also consists of industry-leading analytics technology that matches your incoming phone leads to the marketing attribute that generated it. Whether your marketing channels are online or offline, our analytics will display the marketing efforts that spurred your calls. With Phonexa’s Waves feature and Call Analytics, you can test different settings in your campaigns and even make data-based marketing predictions. Both Call Analytics and Waves serve all industries.

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