API and Third-Party Integrations

Phonexa’s API (Application Programming Interface) syncs with the rest of your digital marketing platforms to create one complete telephony infrastructure you can access from anywhere at any time.


View real-time Call Analytics on your existing marketing platforms

Configure custom actions in your CRM and other marketing automation systems

Layer your call details with existing databases and third party integrations

Phonexa’s advanced integrations make it easy for you to view your data no matter what application you’re using. Our API and Third-Party Integrations allow you to sync your marketing insights with the tools that you currently use, whether that includes Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Salesforce, or in-house databases. Phonexa makes integrations easy and accessible in accordance with your existing marketing model.

  • Integrates with your current in-house database
  • Integrates with third party applications
  • Integrates with search platforms, web analytics, DMP, CRM, and more
  • Receive data online or offline
  • Syncs Phonexa with your current platforms to show call details in real-time

Integrated Marketing Platforms

Don't see your favorite application?

Don’t worry, we can integrate with your existing applications even if they aren’t listed above. With Phonexa’s API Integrations, you can receive data on any preferred platform of your choosing. We are always expanding our partnerships to further support your marketing campaigns.

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