Real-Time Reporting

Phonexa’s Real-Time Reporting technology gathers visitor data and call tracking information as it happens, giving businesses the reports they need to make immediate decisions.


Our next-level Real-Time Reporting tool boosts reporting value and improves the decision-making process by presenting companies with the most updated reports technologically possible. When time constraints are critical to your business, having our Real-Time Reporting system means the difference between knowing yesterday’s data and knowing exactly what’s happening immediately. Businesses like you will have full control over which reports you need to view, which reports to create comparisons, and which formats you need your files exported as data shows up in real time.

  • Pulls current and historical reports
  • Exports files in different formats
  • Data viewable through the Phonexa platform
  • Creates custom report comparisons
  • Enables customization of reports
  • Allows you to search reports within your network of partners
  • Presents up-to-the-minute call tracking information, such as call rejection reasons
  • Reports by ID, products, methods, redirects, partners, sources, call centers, and more


Speeds Up the Decision-Making Process

With Phonexa’s Real-Time Reporting technology, you can analyze your reports to improve your campaigns and marketing strategies. Real-Time Reporting enables you to make accurate decisions during heavy time constraints. You are notified of visitor interactions, conversion changes, and other critical data of your choosing as soon as they occur.

Gives You Full Control

Phonexa’s Real-Time Reporting allows you to pick the reports you want to view or compare. You’re able to sort through the entire system of reports by ID, products, methods, redirects, partners, sources, call centers, and more. You can also analyze your reports, generate detailed comparisons, and export files in multiple formats according to your needs. You are in full control.

Real-Time Performance Analysis

Seeing inbound and outbound call tracking reports in real time allows you to analyze call performances like never before. With this powerful tool, you can conduct thorough A/B testing campaigns to optimize your internal and external performances, review call rejection reasons, and ensure overall higher conversion rates.

Compatible with Any Device

Phonexa’s Real-Time Reporting keeps you updated with up-to-the-minute reports viewable from any device. From the convenience of your own mobile device, you can export data, create report comparisons, and sort through the database to analyze current and historical trends. Our Real-Time Reporting takes accessibility to the next level.
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